Andrey Nechaev is a new BC Khimki president24 august 2012

Andrey Artemievich Nechaev has become a new BC Khimki president.

Andrey Nechaev

Born: June 29, 1963
Mr. Nechaev has two sons: Artem (1995) and Ivan (1999)

Education: Moscow Institute of Energetics


1989-2000 — PBC CSKA
— first team manager
— head of International department
— General manager

2000-2011 — Federal State Institution of Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation CSKA
— head of Universal Sports Base "Peschanoe"
— director of G. Fedotov football stadium
— director of football-athletics complex
— head of construction and putting into operation of a new Universal sports complex of playing sports
— head of a project of putting into operation and direction of CSKA hotel

2011-2012 — director of United Tennis Centre of Federal Budget Institution of Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation

Since August 2012 — Moscow region Minister of physical training, sport, tourism and work with youth adviser

Mr. Nechaev has government award and medals of Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation

Andrey Nechaev, BC Khimki President:

— First of all, I would like to thank the leadership of Moscow region who trusted me to head one of the strongest Russian basketball club. It is very pleasant for me to make back to baskatball again because take up a favourite job is a dream of every man during any stage of life. At the same time it's a great responsibility to head BC Khimki and also a challenge for me. I will try to invest an original labour and all my life and professional experience to realize club's huge potential. Highest goals will be posed in the face of our club. It concerns not only a main team but the preparation of our own reserve, continuation of the development of youth teams. I would also like to apply for our fans: please, wish us good luck in the upcoming season. I invite you to our cozy Basketball Centre.


President — Andrey Nechaev
General Manager — Victor Bychkov