The Alexander Petrenko Memorial

From September 29 to October 2 in the Basketball Center Khimki Moscow Region IV Alexander Petrenko Pro Memoria tournament was held. Six teams took part in the tournament – youth of Khimki-2, Triumph-2, BS Chekovskiye yastreby (Chekhov), BC Dynamo Moscow, Krasnye Krylia Tolyatti and Khimki-3, that quickly replaced the youth team of Kazakhstan.

The life of Alexander Petrenko, who was the player of BC Khimki since 2002, tragically ended on July 21, 2006. One year later a memorial tablet, which ends with the words: “We remember and love you, Sasha!”, was solemnly set up at the facade of the Basketball Centre. The same year the first international tournament in his memory was launched. Junior teams of Russia, Germany, the Czech Republic and Israel took part in it. The home team of Russia confidently won the competition. In 2008 the memorial was attended by national teams of Russia, Greece, the Czech Republic and Italy (U-18). In the final match Greek players were victorious over Russian ones. In 2010 the tournament was held in PC Lobnya. Four national team competed: Lithuania, Croatia, Serbia and Russia. Eventually, Serbia scored first place, Russian team — second, Lithuania — third.

– We try to give more time for preparing young players, – the General Director of BC Khimki Victor Bychkov says. – And we would really like to see young sportsmen learning from the example of a wonderful man and an outstanding basketball player Alexander Petrenko ... He played in many teams but his best years he spent in our club. In Khimki Petrenko proved himself as a true leader, a man who united the whole team around himself and led it forward.

This tournament is a small part of love that we – players, coaches, staff, the government of Khimki and Moscow Region – felt for this wonderful man. We are glad in that this was the fourth memorial.

Khimki is a non-official capital of the Russian youth basketball. From time to time main basketball tournaments take place in Basketball Center of Moscow Region. There are all conditions for living, nutrition and qualified training for sportsmen.

During the second day of the competition the representatives of participating teams put flowers on Petrenko’s grave.

At the third matchday BC Khimki players Matt Nielsen and Zoran Planinic visited the games of their young colleagues. Australian captain Nielsen said: “Youth basketball is very important. When I have a chance I try to watch different youth championships. For clubs it’s important to prepare the worthy generation”.


Day First (September 29)
BS Chekhovskiye yastreby (Chekhov)– BC Dynamo (Moscow) — 24-100 (3-26, 9-30, 6-25, 6-19)
BC Khimki (Moscow Region) — Krasnye Krylia Tolyatti — 73-58 (20-15, 15-8, 15-9, 23-26)

Day Second (September 30)
Khimki – BS Chekhovskiye yastreby (Chekhov) — 67-71 (20-13, 14-19, 22-19, 11-20)
BC Triumph – Krasnye Krylia Tolyatti — 80-63 (15-17, 18-25, 21-13, 26-8)

Day Third (October 1)
Dynamo Moscow — Khimki-3 Moscow Region — 82-77 (28-21, 12-13, 19-18, 23-25)
Khimki-2 Moscow Region – Triumph-2 — 50-56 (15-21, 18-8, 8-11, 9-16)

Day Fourth (October 2)
Khimki-3 — Krasnye Krylia Tolyatti – 79-77 (18-12, 29-18, 15-22, 17-25)
Khimki-2 — BS Chekovskiye yastreby – 75-52 (12-15, 19-8, 23-15, 21-14)
Dynamo Moscow — Triumph-2 – 73-55 (14-23, 21-15, 13-12, 25-5)

1 place — Dynamo Moscow
2 place — Triumph-2 Lyubertsy Moscow Region
3 place — Khimki-2 Moscow Region
4 place — BS Chekovskiye yastreby Chekhov
5 place — Khimki-3 Moscow Region
6 place — Krasnye Krylia Tolyatti


Best forward – Vladimir Pichkurov (Khimki-2)

Best center – Ivan Lazarev (Triumph-2)
Best power forward — Vyacheslav Pupko (Dynamo Moscow)
Best guard — Serdar Annaev (Khimki-3)
MVP of the tournament — Alexander Golyakhov (Dynamo Moscow)