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10 may 2021VTB United League Play-Off Series Preview: Lokomotiv Kuban Krasnodar vs. Khimki Moscow Region24 april 2021VTB United League Game Preview: Khimki Moscow Region vs. Avtodor Saratov20 april 2021VTB United League Game Preview: Tsmoki-Minsk vs. Khimki Moscow Region16 april 2021VTB United League Game Preview: BC Kalev vs. Khimki Moscow Region13 april 2021VTB United League Game Preview: Khimki Moscow Region vs. Nizhny Novgorod11 april 2021VTB United League Game Preview: Khimki Moscow Region vs. Enisey Krasnoyarsk 8 april 2021EuroLeague Round 34 Preview: Olympiacos Piraeus vs. Khimki Moscow Region 5 april 2021EuroLeague Round 24 Preview: Maccabi Playtika Tel Aviv vs. Khimki Moscow Region 1 april 2021EuroLeague Round 33 Preview: CSKA Moscow vs. Khimki Moscow Region 1 april 2021Alexey Shved is out with a broken finger30 march 2021EuroLeague Round 32 Preview: Khimki Moscow Region vs. LDLC ASVEL Villeurbanne27 march 2021VTB United League Game Preview: Khimki Moscow Region vs. Tsmoki-Minsk25 march 2021EuroLeague Round 31 Preview: Khimki Moscow Region vs. Zenit St Petersburg21 march 2021VTB United League Game Preview: Zielona Gora vs. Khimki Moscow Region18 march 2021EuroLeague Round 30 Preview: Khimki Moscow Region vs. Valencia Basket14 march 2021VTB United League Game Preview: CSKA Moscow vs. Khimki Moscow Region10 march 2021EuroLeague Round 29 Preview: Crvena Zvezda mts Belgrade vs. Khimki Moscow Region 4 march 2021EuroLeague Round 28 Preview: Khimki Moscow Region vs. ALBA Berlin 7 march 2021VTB United League Game Preview: Zenit St Petersburg vs. Khimki Moscow Region 1 march 2021EuroLeague Round 27 Preview: Khimki Moscow Region vs. Real Madrid27 february 2021VTB United League Game Preview: Khimki Moscow Region vs. Zielona Gora24 february 2021EuroLeague Round 26 Preview: AX Armani Exchange Milan vs. Khimki Moscow Region17 february 2021EuroLeague Round 25 Preview: Khimki Moscow Region vs. TD Systems Baskonia Vitoria-Gasteiz11 february 2021VTB United League Game Preview: Astana Kazakhstan vs. Khimki Moscow Region 7 february 2021VTB United League Game Preview: Khimki Moscow Region vs. Lokomotiv-Kuban Krasnodar 3 february 2021Khimki adds Anton Ponkrashov to the roster31 january 2021VTB United League Game Preview: Parma Perm vs. Khimki Moscow Region27 january 2021EuroLeague Round 23 Preview: Khimki Moscow Region vs. Fenerbahce Beko Istanbul25 january 2021EuroLeague Round 22 Preview: Khimki Moscow Region vs. FC Bayern Munich23 january 2021Official statement: Jerebko and Monroe leave Khimki20 january 2021EuroLeague Round 21 Preview: Panathinaikos OPAP Athens vs. Khimki Moscow Region16 january 2021VTB United League Game Preview: Khimki Moscow Region vs. UNICS Kazan15 january 2021Official statement: Khimki and Rimas Kurtinaitis part ways13 january 2021EuroLeague Round 20 Preview: Anadolu Efes Istanbul vs. Khimki Moscow Region11 january 2021EuroLeague Round 19 Preview: Khimki Moscow Region vs. FC Barcelona 7 january 2021EuroLeague Game Preview: Zalgiris Kaunas vs. Khimki Moscow Region 2 january 2021VTB United League Game Preview: Lokomotiv-Kuban Krasnodar vs. Khimki Moscow Region28 december 2020EuroLeague Round 17 Preview: Khimki Moscow Region vs. Olympiacos Piraeus25 december 2020VTB United League Game Preview: Khimki Moscow Region vs. Parma Perm22 december 2020Preview: Valencia Basket vs. Khimki Moscow Region17 december 2020EuroLeague Round 15 Preview: LDLC ASVEL Villeurbanne vs. Khimki Moscow Region15 december 2020EuroLeague Round 14 Preview: FC Barcelona vs. Khimki Moscow Region10 december 2020EuroLeague Round 13 Preview: Khimki Moscow Region vs. CSKA Moscow 7 december 2020EuroLeague Round 8 Preview: Khimki Moscow Region vs. AX Armani Exchange Milan 7 december 2020Andrey Maltsev became Khimki Moscow Region assistant coach 3 december 2020Preview: FC Bayern Munich vs. Khimki Moscow Region25 november 2020Preview: ALBA Berlin vs. Khimki Moscow Region21 november 2020Preview: UNICS Kazan vs. Khimki Moscow Region18 november 2020Preview: Khimki Moscow Region vs. Anadolu Efes Istanbul16 november 2020Preview: Zenit St Petersburg vs. Khimki Moscow Region 8 november 2020Preview: Khimki Moscow Region vs. CSKA Moscow 5 november 2020Preview: Fenerbahce BEKO Istanbul vs. Khimki Moscow Region29 october 2020Preview: Khimki Moscow Region vs. Crvena Zvezda mts Belgrade25 october 2020Preview: Avtodor Saratov vs. Khimki Moscow Region22 october 2020Preview: Khimki Moscow Region vs. Maccabi Playtika Tel Aviv18 october 2020Preview: Khimki Moscow Region vs. Astana Kazakhstan15 october 2020Preview: TD Systems Baskonia Vitoria-Gasteiz vs. Khimki Moscow Region13 october 2020Preview: Real Madrid vs. Khimki Moscow Region 9 october 2020EuroLeague game Khimki vs. Zalgiris rescheduled from October 9 to 10 8 october 2020Preview: Khimki Moscow Region vs. Zalgiris Kaunas 4 october 2020Preview: Khimki Moscow Region vs. BC Kalev 1 october 2020Preview: Khimki Moscow Region vs. Panathinaikos OPAP Athens22 september 2020Preview: Nizhny Novgorod vs. Khimki Moscow Region19 september 2020Preview: Khimki Moscow Region vs. Zenit St Petersburg13 august 2020EuroLeague named Khimki top 10 players of the decade by fans vote21 july 2020Khimki reunites with Jordan Mickey17 july 2020Evgeny Voronov joined Khimki Moscow Region 5 july 2020Devin Booker stays in Khimki till 2021 4 july 2020Monya, Vyaltsev to stay in Khimki till 202124 june 2020Khimki Moscow Region 2020/2021 EuroLeague full shedule revealed30 june 2020Alexey Shved, Khimki, together till 202327 may 2020Pavel Astakhov: We want Alexey Shved to stay, for more than one season26 may 2020Rimas Kurtinaitis: I would like to keep 90% of the current roster25 may 2020Khimki Moscow Region to play in EuroLeague 2020/202127 april 2020Devin Booker: Solidarity is key!15 april 2020Day of the postponed game. Khimki vs. Valencia Basket (2012 EuroCup Final)17 april 2020Day of the postponed game. Khimki vs. Lokomotiv Kuban (season 2015/2016)29 april 2020Day of the postponed game. Khimki vs. Gran Canaria (2015 EuroCup Final)23 april 2020Day of the postponed game. Khimki vs. CSKA (2011 VTB United League Final)25 april 2020On this day: Khimki took first ever EuroLeague Playoffs win24 march 2020Khimki Moscow Region: individual training regime at home23 march 2020Khimki Moscow Region: Statement 8 march 2020Preview: Khimki Moscow Region vs. Avtodor Saratov 5 march 2020Preview: Khimki Moscow Region vs. Fenerbahce Beko Istanbul29 february 2020Alexey Shved, EuroLeague round 26 MVP 2 march 2020Preview: Zalgiris Kaunas vs. Khimki Moscow Region27 february 2020Preview: Khimki Moscow Region vs. LDLC ASVEL Villeurbanne19 february 2020Preview: AX Armani Exchange Milan vs. Khimki Moscow Region13 february 2020Preview: Astana Kazakhstan vs. Khimki Moscow Region 9 february 2020Preview: Khimki Moscow Region vs. Nizhny Novgorod 6 february 2020Khimki Moscow Region adds Thomas Robinson to the roster 6 february 2020Preview: Khimki Moscow Region vs. Crvena Zvezda mts Belgrade 4 february 2020Preview: Maccabi FOX Tel Aviv vs. Khimki Moscow Region 1 february 2020Preview: UNICS Kazan vs. Khimki Moscow Region25 january 2020Preview: Tsmoki-Minsk vs. Khimki Moscow Region29 january 2020Preview: Khimki Moscow Region vs. CSKA Moscow22 january 2020Preview: KIROLBET Baskonia Vitoria-Gasteiz vs. Khimki Moscow Region18 january 2020Preview: Khimki Moscow Region vs. Enisey Krasnoyarsk15 january 2020Preview: Khimki Moscow Region vs. Real Madrid13 january 2020Preview: Khimki Moscow Region vs. Valencia Basket

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11 may 2021Khimki’s Vladislav Odinokov declaring for the NBA Draft 9 march 2021Who's hot: Jordan Mickey, Khimki15 january 2021Khimki dismisses Coach Kurtinaitis 4 november 2020Rimas Kurtinaitis, Khimki: 'I am just doing my job' 7 september 2020Khimki adds another lethal scorer in McCollum13 august 2020Fans Choice All-Decade Team: Khimki Moscow Region23 july 20202020-21 Games to Watch: Khimki Moscow Region22 july 2020Khimki, Mickey reunite17 july 2020Khimki brings in Voronov 6 july 2020Khimki extends big man Booker 4 july 2020Khimki re-signs club legends Monia, Vialtsev30 june 2020Khimki re-signs superstar Shved23 june 202020th anniversary galleries: Khimki Moscow Region26 may 2020Larkin, Vesely headline new Bucket Challenge from home24 may 2020Khimki GM: What will happen if a player or coach tests positive?20 may 2020Khimki GM says Shved will return to the NBA if he has certain guarantees13 may 2020Khimki GM: “Concluding the EuroLeague season raises difficulties” 8 may 2020Khimki 2019/20 Highlights 1 may 2020Devin Booker: “EuroLeague players shouldn’t play in the domestic leagues”29 april 2020Signature Moves: Alexey Shved, Khimki11 february 2020Khimki vs Nizhny Novgorod Highlights11 february 2020Khimki beat Nizhny in clutch27 january 2020Tsmoki-Minsk vs Khimki Highlights24 january 2020Baskonia fights to edge Khimki 4 june 2019Finals: CSKA (1) vs. Khimki (3)10 may 2019Khimki overpowers Astana in game 3, advances to semis18 april 2019Star Performance: Alexey Shved saves Khimki In Nizhny Novgorod18 april 2019Timma forces OT, Khimki avoids Nizhny upset 8 april 2019Khimki vs. Zielona Gora highlights 8 april 2019Khimki stays hot, blows out Zielona Gora 2 april 2019Alexey Shved wins March MVP30 march 2019CSKA claims second place with derby win25 march 2019Khimki clips Astana25 march 2019Game of the week: Khimki vs. Astana23 march 2019Banging the boards brought success for Maccabi23 march 2019Maccabi bounces back to keep playoff dreams alive20 march 2019Darussafaka outguns Khimki at home15 march 2019Causeur shines as Madrid clinches home-court advantage14 march 2019Khimki announces the addition of Janis Timma 9 march 2019One memorable quarter enough for Baskonia 9 march 2019Record night lifts Baskonia over Khimki 5 march 2019Shved scores more than half of Khimki’s points in win over CSKA 5 march 2019Star Performance: Alexey Shved vs. CSKA 5 march 2019Shved shines, Khimki ends 4-year drought vs. CSKA 4 march 2019Game of the week: Khimki vs. CSKA 1 march 2019Shved's stellar return not enough for Khimki 1 march 2019Milan rallies on road to stop Shved, Khimki15 february 2019UNICS dominates Khimki in top-three showdown14 february 2019Tony Crocker: 'I've got to see a lot of great places'12 february 2019Khimki vs. Lokomotiv-Kuban highlights 3 february 2019Zenit streaks to 4th-straight win at Khimki’s expense 1 february 2019Khimki displayed lockdown defense in victory28 january 2019Kurtinaitis returns, Khimki dispatches Avtodor27 january 2019Game of the week: Avtodor vs. Khimki21 january 2019Khimki vs. Tsmoki-Minsk highlights18 january 2019Defense lifts Olympiacos over Khimki13 january 2019Game of the week: CSKA vs. Khimki10 january 2019Micic leads Efes past Khimki 9 january 2019Gill did more than expected in triumphant return 5 january 2019Khimki: Nice deja vu in Gran Canaria 4 january 2019Khimki rolls in Gran Canaria28 december 2018Baskonia shatters Khimki on the road20 december 2018Maccabi rolls past Khimki17 december 2018Khimki vs. Nizhny Novgorod highlights16 december 2018Nizhny ends Khimki’s unbeaten run14 december 2018CSKA dominates Leningradka Derby10 december 2018Zielona Gora vs. Khimki highlights10 december 2018Khimki zaps Zielona Gora to remain unbeaten 7 december 2018Bayern snaps Khimki winning streak 5 december 2018Coaches Corner, Georgios Bartzokas, Khimki: 'Basketball was always the main thing in our lives' 1 december 2018Khimki: More than a one-man show 1 december 2018Team effort pays off for Khimki24 november 2018Round 9 MVP: Alexey Shved, Khimki Moscow Region23 november 2018Shved's double-double takes Khimki past Zalgiris22 november 2018Round 8 MVP: Alexey Shved, Khimki Moscow Region22 november 2018Shved, Mickey fuel Khimki past Buducnost16 november 2018Carroll makes Madrid perfect through seven 6 november 2018Alexey Shved wins October MVP 6 november 2018Astana vs. Khimki highlights 5 november 2018Shved, Khimki cool off Astana 3 november 2018Khimki makes sure to seal first win 2 november 2018Shved strikes again as Khimki cruises to first win29 october 2018Khimki vs. UNICS highlights28 october 2018Khimki takes down UNICS, moves into 1st28 october 2018Game of the week: Khimki vs. UNICS26 october 2018James's clutch free throws lift Milan past Khimki22 october 2018Khimki turns back Parma on the road17 october 2018Fenerbahce holds on 93-85 against pesky Khimki19 october 2018Balbay miracle gives Efes win over Khimki14 october 2018Khimki defeats Kalev, Shved makes history13 october 2018Olympiacos withstands Shved blitz to down Khimki 5 october 2018Khimki buries VEF early, Shved scores 23 9 october 2018Enisey vs. Khimki highlights 9 october 2018Shved double-double powers Khimki in Krasnoyarsk10 august 20182018/2019 Schedule Released31 july 2018Games to Watch: Khimki Moscow Region25 july 2018Khimki inks ace shooter Prather11 june 2018CSKA aces Final Four test, repeats as champions 9 june 2018Alexey Shved sets two records in one game (VIDEO) 9 june 2018Watch: UNICS vs. Khimki Final Four highlights

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