Euroleague. BC Khimki vs. Caja Laboral29 march 2013

In spite of great support of the stands and huge late comeback BC Khimki didn't manage to outlast Caja Laboral at home court and suffered a painful defeat — 82-86 (19-22, 24-24, 17-22, 22-18). The next game our team will play on the road on Thursday, April 4, 2013 with the reigning Turkish Airlines Euroleague champion Olympiacos Piraeus.

Best scorers: Davis (15 + 7 rebounds), Monya (13), Augustine (12 + 5 rebounds), Koponen (12), Rivers (10).

Rimas Kurtinaitis:

— We missed a good chance to win. We started roughly and allowed the opponent to take 9 offensive rebounds in the first quarter; it’s the same disease that was in the game with BC Krasnye Krylia a couple of days ago. We needed to play the whole 40 minutes like the last eight. We have reserves, but just could not use them in the beginning of the game. So it would be illogical to blame our loss on tiredness. Problem number one was Nocioni, who played a great game like in his best years, he scored a lot of points, took rebounds and gave the team energy. The current situation is not very good, but nothing is lost right now. We have a road game next week. We will prepare and fight to the end.

Vitaly Fridzon:

— Our fans made us make a comeback and return to the game, all of them supported us and we were as a single whole. In the very end we did not have a bit of luck. It’s a pity we put so much effort to the run, only one shot divided us and we had a lot of time for an attack. We could take a risk and throw a three-pointer or play in transition to have a potential foul. But no one blames Petteri Koponen, we win and lose together, because we are a team.

Zan Tabak:

— First of all, we needed this victory to keep our options open all the way to the end and are hoping for the rest of the results in our group tonight. This win gives us an opportunity in the last game at home to resolve this Top 16 in our favor and to be able to go to the next part of the competition. As for the game, the home team made a lot of difficult shots in the first half, they were really hard offensively. Overall, in the end of the game BC Khimki was better than us with two — and three-point percentage. So it’s a big victory for us in this condition, a win over this kind of a team.

Maciej Lampe:

— We played well and came out with a win today. We were upset with the first game in Spain because BC Khimki played harder than us, but today we played harder. Our opponent showed great shooting percentage after the first half, which was some kind of unreal, but we continued to play well in the third quarter and relaxed a little bit in the fourth, so BC Khimki came back. It was great to be back to Khimki, to this wonderful arena. I spent three years here and have great memories. It’s always nice to come back to these fans. In the very end our opponent made some crazy shots but luckily we were able to win down the stretch.