Eurocup. BC Khimki vs. Zenit11 march 2015

‪BC Khimki‬ defeated Zenit St Petersburg in the return Eurocup eightfinals game — 89-70 (26-11, 20-22, 27-16, 16-21) and advanced to 1/4 finals to face Valencia (Spain) in a home-and-away series! The next game our team will play at home on Saturday, March 14, 2015 vs. Krasnye Krylia (Samara). The beginning is at 19.30 msk.

BC Khimki: Koponen (24 + 5 rebounds + 4 assists + 3 steals), Rice (15), Vyaltsev (13 + 6 rebounds), Augustine (8 + 5 rebounds + 3 blocks), Davis (8 + 3 rebounds), Popovic (7 + 4 rebounds + 4 assists), Monya (6 + 8 rebounds + 6 assists + 2 steals), Pateev (4 + 3 rebounds + 2 blocks), Sheleketo (4 + 2 подбора), Ilnitsky.


Vasily Karasev, Zenit head coach:

“For us the Eurocup is over. I would like to thank my players for their work as we came up to eighthfinals and were fighting with Khimki in a difficult season with many injuries and a short rotation. This is the first year for Zenit and I suppose we performed very well. As for this game, we understood quite well that the game would be extremely tough. It’s tough to stand against Khimki three times in one week at the same level. Khimki has deeper rotation and more experienced players whereas all the work on the court rests on the shoulders of our five or seven guys”.

Rimas Kurtinaitis, BC Khimki head coach:

“It’s good that it was a home game for us. We had four away matches in a row and in the last one in St Petersburg the guys fell short of energy at the court. Today our concentration was much better and at another level. We won with this energy and combative spirit. I’m happy for my team. Also it’s great that we’ve advanced to the next round”.

Sergey Monya, BC Khimki captain:

“I’m happy we have won this game. We were full of energy and better on rebounding. The team dished many assists and played hard on defense. We had a plan to play low on Paul Davis; he performed well, drew many fouls and scored some baskets. Zenit was focused on him and our guards were free and attacked easily without resistance. We remembered the last sad experience in St Petersburg when the team was ahead by 24 points in the first half, but after a big break we lost too many points. We made an effort to prevent such a situation today despite the fact we lost the fourth quarter”.