PBL. BC Khimki vs. UNICS 5 june 2011

In the fourth BEKO PBL semifinal game the Khimkians were able to restrain UNICS players pressure and scored a very important victory — 70-69 (22-17, 16-10, 17-18, 15-24). The decisive game will be played in Kazan on Tuesday, June 7. The beginning of the meeting is at 19.00 msk.

Best scorers: Planinic (16 + 5 передач), Savrasenko (13 + 8 rebounds), Fridzon (13).

Eugene Pashutin, UNICS head coach:

— I congratulate Khimki and personally Rimas Kurtinaitis on this victory. Our opponent was well-prepared. As for our leaders they couldn't go into the game at the beginning of the meeting, so we had to cut the roster during the match. But I am proud of my guys who have shown the male character in this struggle.

Rimas Kurtinaitis, BC Khimki head coach:

— First of all, I would like to thank our fans for their excellent support which helped us a lot. And of course, thanks to the team that is not for first time in a difficult situation comes out victor. Unfortunately, Raul Lopez has suffered an injury, as a result we have lost the game organization, hence Planinic had to spend more time at the court. The faith in a victory, efforts and luck helped us win. I think that in the fifth meeting our chances are equal. We'll take some medical treatment, prepare ourselves and let the best one win.