Eurocup. BC Khimki vs. Aris21 february 2012

In the next in turn Eurocup game BC Khimki on the home pitch defeated Greek Aris BSA 2003 — 88-72 (22-22, 26-16, 22-16, 18-18), having guaranteed the entrance to the next level of the tournament. The next game our team will play on the road with UNICS Kazan on Sunday, February 26 at 13.00 msk.

Best scorers: Loncar (14), Monya (13 + 9 rebounds + 5 assists + 3 blocks), Planinic (13 + 5 assists), Zhukanenko (11 + 7 rebounds), Kelati (10).

Vangelis Alexandris, Aris BSA 2003 head coach:

— It was a very hard game for us. We knew that we would face a top Eurocup team. They have the best chances to win this competition. It was a descent game if you compare the two teams. We finish our Eurocup performance next Tuesday. From the very beginning we had a goal the of advancing to the next round and we achieved it. I would like to wish BC Khimki good luck, because this team deserves to win.

Rimas Kurtinaitis:

— I’m glad we won, this victory was very important for us. We had two goals before this game: to test all the players and, of course, win. Maybe not everything was okay. Even when we had an advantage, there were no guarantees that everything eventually would be fine. Now all the formalities are done, we moved on to the next stage. Some moments leave much to be desired, but it’s a matter of a training process.

Alexey Zhukanenko:

— We played well today. Perhaps the rival prepared not very seriously for this game, but we were more concentrated and motivated. In the first half we skidded, maybe examined our opponent and tried not to make mistakes in defense and in offense. After the break, we became more impudent and it was better for us. I can point out Verginis and Tapoutos in the Aris squad. They are the current leaders of the team.