Eurocup. BC Khimki vs. Igokea18 december 2013

BC Khimki defeated Bosnian club Igokea Aleksandrovac in Eurocup regular championship last game and continued its undefeated series to 16 games in a row — 80-67 (20-22, 25-10, 15-20, 20-15). The next game our team will play at home on Sunday, December 22, 2013 with Triumph Lyubertsy. The beginning of the meeting is at 13.00 msk.

BC Khimki: Monya (17 + 6 assists + 5 rebounds + 2 block), Popovic (17 + 3 assists + 2 rebounds), Loncar (13 + 2 rebounds + 2 assists), Augustine (11 + 6 rebounds), Koponen (9 + 6 rebounds + 3 assists), Zakharov (7 + 1 rebound + 1 assist), Green (4 + 10 assists + 7 rebounds + 4 steals), Dudu (2)

Rimas Kurtinaitis, BC Khimki head coach:

– After our domestic game with CSKA Moscow, I had some anxiety about the proper mood of my players as after matches with good teams, players sometimes relax and think they can beat a weaker opponent on a fifty percent skill. I'm glad we played smart today despite some injures and gave time to young guys on the court. We played with heart, played for the win, and we got it.

Milutin Latincic, Igokea head coach:

– First of all congratulations to Khimki on a good game and victory. I think it’s the best team in the Eurocup. Most of the game we played equally with them and they beat us in the second half of the second quarter and the fist half of the third quarter. They played great in transition, on offense and shooting. In last quarter, we got to minus six, but they controlled the whole game.