Russian Championship. The seventh victory, BC Khimki is in the lead 2 november 2007

The second home match in this season BC Khimki played against CSK VVS-Samara. Yellow-blue won — 91-67 (25-17, 25-15, 18-16, 23-19). Next match will pass in Rostov on 10th of November and this Thusday the Moscow Region team will play the first match in ULEB Cup at home againat SLUC Nancy from France.
Top scorers: Wilkinson (18), Ewing (16), Fridzon (10), Veremeenko (9).

The starting line was unusual because of Lampe’s eye injury: Timofey Mozgov was included in the entry form. Ewing, Fridzon, McCarty, Wilkinson, Veremeenko started the match. Vitaly Fridzon got into the game. Almost 4 minutes he was the one player in BC Khimki with scored points. His partners moved up and the first period was ended with the score 25-17.
Then guests resolutely went to the attack, but Rannikko by the 3-ponts made the score more than ten points. Then the teams went to the big break the score became — 50-32.
In the beginning of the last period the BC Khimki defense was new: Ewing, Rannikko, Ponkrashov. The experimental roster of home team fans can see at the last minutes.

Kestutis Kemzura, the head coach of BC Khimki:
— We had a loss — Macej Lampe. He is the key big player. In average, he scores 15 points. But it is the chance for others player. Timofey Mozgov was recalled to the roster and he makes progress. Nikita Shabalkin gets rehabilitated and today he had a chance to play more.