Russian Championship. BC Khimki – Lokomotiv – 1:022 april 2008

In ¼ finals the opponent of BC Khimki became Lokomotov from Rostov-on-Don. Only in first quarter the guest team could show resistance, after it BC Khimki dictated the game. BC Khimki won convincingly — 92-74 (23-21, 26-8, 24-20, 19-25).
Next match of quarterfinals series Khimki and Lokomotiv will stage on 25th of April.
Top scorers: Ponkrashov (15), Lampe (13), McCarty (12), Burke (12), Fridzon (11), Wilkinson (10).

The starting five was as fans used to see: Ewing, Fridzon, McCarty, Wilkinson, Lampe. At the beginning of the match the guest team was luckier. The score was 0-8 in favor of Lokomotiv. The time –out, called by Kestutis Kemzura, helped to turn the momentum of the game in Khimki favor. 23-21 after the first period.

In second period Khimki player didn’t allowed the opponent to score during 24 seconds. Guest team started to play a zone in the defense. But the lead of BC Khimki increased only. The result of match was determined.

After the game the representatives of fans clubs UltraSound и Khimki Spines congratulated the head coach Kestutis Kemzura on the birthday and made a present and bunch of flowers.