Russian Championship. The silver is guaranteed14 march 2008

On Friday BC Khimki played the match against “Sibirtelecom” Lokomotiv. Our team won convincingly — 96-74 (26-15, 16-22, 31-12, 22-25). After this victory BC Khimki guaranteed the second place in regular stage of Russian Championship. Next Sunday BC Khimki will play at Samara.
Top scorers: Ewing (16), Ponkrashov (13), McCarty (12), Shabalkin (10), Tucker (10).

Out of BC Khimki entry were Macej Lampe and Vladimir Veremeenko. Best Belarus player resumed training. The Starting line was: Ewing, Fridzon, McCarty, Wilkinson, Burke.
On 16th second McCarty opened the score. And in the middle of 1 quarter the score was 17-4 in favor of BC Khimki. Then our guests succeeded to cut the lead, but not for long.
In second part of match Ewing got his partners worked up and the lead increased.
After 3-pointers of Shabalkin the score was 69-47. All players from entry had this evening playing time.