VTB United League. Lokomotiv vs. BC Khimki 9 november 2014

Our team disgraced all the sceptics who gave the win to Lokomotiv-Kuban even before the game. BC Khimki without any problems defeated one of the VTB United League's favorites in Krasnodar by the margin of 20 pts and ascended to the summit — 87-67 (17-14, 21-17, 21-11, 28-25). Bravo, guys!

BC Khimki: Rice (24 + 4 assists + 2 rebounds), Monya (14 + 4 rebounds), Davis (13 + 6 rebounds), Koponen (10 + 4 assists + 3 rebounds), Lauvergne (9 + 4 rebounds), Popovic (8 + 6 assists), Augustine (6 + 4 rebounds), Vyaltsev (3 + 6 rebounds + 3 assists), Sheleketo


Rimas Kurtinaitis, BC Khimki head coach:

— I'm very happy that we beat such a strong team. Loko doesn't have Mantas Kalnietis yet and maybe they aren't quite as organized for that reason. We prepared for this game based on the games where Lokomotiv played really well. They flat out beat CSKA. That's why I'm satisfied with how we played. It's rare that a team follows my game plan 100%, but that's what happened today. First of all, we played defense. In general, we have a happy-go-lucky team that likes to shoot more than it likes to play defense. Even when we win, we give up 80 points. Today we did a good job on defense, rebounded and could have rebounded even more. It's great that we have Paul Davis back. His role in the win was very big today. Today we played what's called smart tactical basketball.