Round 6 review 26  november  2010
Group A
Asseco Prokom — Khimky 71-67
After five consecutive defeats, Asseco Prokom finally grabbed the first Euroleague win this season. The Polish powerhouse was better than Khimky in Gdynia 71-67. Ratko Varda (216-C/F-79) came up with 14 points for the hosts, Daniel Ewing (191-G-83, college: Duke) has 13 points and 5 rebounds, while Filip Videnov (196-F/G-80, agency: Interperformances, college: W.Kentucky) added 12 pts and 5 assists. In the loosing squad, Keith Langford (193-G/F-83, college: Kansas) and Sergey Monya (204-F-83) (5 rebs) delivered 17 and 14 points respectively. Khimky dropped to 2-4 in Group A.
Khimky started the game better as they made 6-10 lead. Prokom was scoreless for more than 3 minutes and visitors jumped to 6-12, what forced coach Pacesas to call a time out. It was a good decision and Prokom closed the first quarter with 6-0 run for 12-12 tie after ten minutes. At the halfway of Q2 the hosts were 25-21 up but they somehow stopped after that, while Keith Langford dominated on the other side and paced Khimky to 32-37 turn. Prokom came to minus one soon after that, but then Sergey Monya buried his third three-pointer to boost the guests' lead to 32-36 at halftime. Prokom tied the score to 36-36 at the beginning of the second half and after that rest of the third period was pretty leveled with neither of teams making a serious lead. Thus, there was 10 more minutes to be played and teams started from zero again, 48-48. Mostly owing to Ratko Varda and Bobby Brown, the home squad jumped to 58-50 with 6 minutes left. After time out, Khimky replied with 0-6 and Daniel Ewing made 2 FTs for the hosts. Prokom went to the last minute with 67-64 and Ratko Varda sealed the outcome with a basket. Monya missed on the other side and Asseco Prokom fans already started to celebrate their first win.
In the next round, Asseco Prokom will meet Caja Laboral on the road. Khimky will host Partizan in very important game.

Maccabi T-A — Caja Laboral 81-70
Maccabi Electra stays No.1 in Group A with almost perfect 5-1 record. The Israeli powerhouse was too strong for Caja Laboral handing them the fourth Euroleague loss this season. Lior Eliyahu (207-F-85, agency: ZAG Advocates) stepped up for Maccabi with 18 points and 6 rebounds (valuation 22). Jeremy Pargo (188-G-86, agency: Priority Sports, college: Gonzaga) (5 rebs, 5 as) and Chuck Eidson (201-F/G-80, agency: Court Side, college: S.Carolina) (7 as) added 14 and 12 points respectively. In Caja Laboral, Fernando San Emeterio (198-G/F-84) collected 21 points and 6 rebs. Stanko Barac (217-C-86) shined with double-double of 18 points and 13 rebs.
Maccabi took control on Caja Laboral from the beginning as they made 17-11 and later ended Q1 with 21-15 lead. Thanks to 0-8 run at the midway of the second period, Caja Laboral tied the score to 27-27 but than Maccabi regained the momentum on a Perkins triple and then an offensive put-back by Yaniv Green. Teletovic scored for the guests and Jeremy Pargo had the final word in the first half setting the score to 38-32. Caja Laboral came closer immediately after the breather. After triple by Teletovic, visitors closed the gap to just one point, but Burstein and Chuck Eidson shined in the finish of Q3 lifting their team to 55-51. Eidson knocked down a triple to start the fourth quarter and Eliyahu made it 59-51 from the line. With three minutes left in the game Green made a triple and Maccabi was 71-60 up. Caja Laboral was no able to mount a comeback and Maccabi celebrated fifth Euroleague win this season.
In the next round, Maccabi goes to Kaunas. Caja Laboral will host Asseco Prokom.

Partizan — Zalgiris 68-62
Partizan outplayed Zalgiris 68-62 joining them with 4-2 record in Group A. They share the second place now having two wins more than third ranked Caja Laboral and Khimky. Dragan Milosavljevic (198-G-89) paced the hosts to victory with 19 points. He missed just twice for 23 minutes on the court. Oliver Lafayette (188-G-84, college: Houston) secured a nice help with 12 points, while James Gist (203-F-86) (8 rebs) and Nathan Jawai (207-C-86, college: Midland CC) (7 rebs) added 9 points each. In the loosing squad, Mirza Begic (216-C-85) collected 19 points and 5 rebs. DeJuan Collins (188-G-76, college: Tuskegee) stopped to 12 pts.
Partizan had a great start as they made 23-12 lead in the first ten minutes. They closed this period with 12-4 run. Nothing has changed in the second frame as the hosts were simply controlling the game and were constantly up by more than ten points. Thanks to triple by Dragan Milosavljevic, Partizan went to the halftime break with 44-29 lead. They reached plus 19 at the midway of Q3 and it was already clear who the winner of the night will be. Zalgiris improved after that cutting the margin to 11 points until the end of Q3, 54-43, but they were not able to mount a comeback. When Dragan Milosavljevic drained another triple for 63-58 with 4 minutes left, the home fans already started to celebrate a new victory.
In the next round, Partizan will meet Khimky on the road. Zalgiris hosts Maccabi Electra.

Group B
Charleroi — Unicaja 79-74
Second straight win for Charleroi, who joined Brose Baskets with 2-4 record in Group B. On the other side, Unicaja slipped to 3-3 score. Demond Mallet (185-G-78, agency: Higher Vision Sports, college: McNeese St.) was a key player for the winners with 21 points. Daniel Santiago (216-C-76, agency: Priority Sports, college: N.Mexico) had 15 points and 8 rebounds, while Brent Wright (203-F/C-78, agency: Agency No 10, college: Florida) added 12 pts. Unicaja got 14 points and 7 boards from Joel Freeland (208-F-87), who spent just 19 minutes on the court due to foul troubles. Saul Blanco (195-G/F-85) had 11 pts and 6 rebs.
Five straight points by Demond Mallet opened the game for Charleroi until Saul Blanco replied for Unicaja. Visitors made 3-9 run after that, but still it was Charleroi who was 19-16 up after ten minutes. The hosts jumped to 30-22 at the beginning of Q2 and they later reached plus 9, 37-28. Mosly owing to Saul Blanco, who shined in the finish of the first half, Unicaja cut the margin to 41-35. Third quarter was pretty leveled, after Unicajas 0-5 run at the beginning. Teams exchanged in lead and after 30 minutes it was Unicaja who held 56-57. Charleroi shined at the midway of the last period and mostly thanks to Daniel Santiago they made 12-1 run for 74-67 with something more than two minutes remaining. Everything what Unicaja was able to do until the end was minus four, but than Broyles went to the line and sealed Charlerois victory with two free throws.
In the next round, Charleroi goes to Rome. Unicaja will host Real Madrid.

Brose Baskets — Lottomatica 67-68
Maybe the crucial win for Lottomatica Roma, who celebrated in thriller against Brose Baskets 67-68. Charles Smith (193-G-75, college: N.Mexico) nailed a three-pointer at the buzzer and was hero of this meeting. He finished the game with 16 points. Darius Washington (188-G-85, college: Memphis) had 17 points and 5 rebounds for the guests, while Vladimir Dasic (207-F-88, agency: Beo Basket) secured a nice help adding 9 points and 7 rebs. In Brose Baskets, Casey Jacobsen (198-G/F-81, college: Stanford) had 15 points. Brian Roberts (188-G-85, agency: Arik Krayn Services) netted two less. With this victory Lottomatica jumped to 3-3 in Group B, while Brose Baskets dropped to 2-4.
As mentioned above, question about the winner was resolved in the last second. Before that, Lottomatica made 9-19 lead in the first quarter and Brose Baskets replied with 21-12 for the next ten minutes. Third period was pretty leveled and Roma was up by two after it, 51-53. Roma went to the last 1:30 with 61-65, after what Casey Jacobsen drained a triple for Bamberg. Vitali missed on the other side and Bamberg had the possession with 10 second left. Brian Roberts grabbed the ball and drained a running three-ball from the top of the key with 1.9 seconds to play for a 67-65 Brose lead. The veteran Smith one-upped Bamberg with a triple at the buzzer from the right corner.
In the next round, Lottomatica will host Charleroi. Brose Baskets goes to Greece to meet Olympiakos.

Real Madrid — Olympiakos 82-68
Real Madrid registered 82-68 home win against Olympiakos joining them with 4-2 record. They share the first place in Group B after six rounds. It is important to mention that Olympiacos has tie-break advantage due to its 16-point win in the Euroleague Opening Game in the Pireaus. Sergio Rodriguez (191-G-86, agency: Interperformances) top-scored for the Whites with 19 points and he handed out 6 assists beside that. Sergio Llull (190-G-87) and Ante Tomic (217-C-87) (6 as) added 16 and 12 points respectively. For the Reds, Milos Teodosic (195-G-87) shined with 21 points. Vassilis Spanoulis (193-G-82, agency: Beo Basket) had 11.
Real Madrid has wonderful beginning as they made quick 12-6 and later 17-8 lead. Until the end of the first quarter, the Whites jumped to plus 12 but Vassilis Spanoulis fixed the score to 24-14 after ten minutes. Olympiakos players woke up after that and they came to 28-24 at the halfway of the second period. However, Tomic was dominating around the basket and Rodriguez was on fire lifting Unicaja to 42-31. Milos Teodosic closed the first half with a triple cutting the margin to 8 pts. Real Madrid was constantly in charge after the breather. They had 46-36 and later 53-42, before Olympiakos replied with 4-8 run. Sergio Llull split free throws to give Madrid a 58-50 lead at the end of the third quarter. When Real Madrid reached 65-52 at the halfway of the last period it was clear who the winner of the night will be. In the finish, a jumper by Mavrokefalidis and free throws by Vassilis Spanoulis allowed Olympiacos to keep the tie-break advantage.
In the next round, Real Madrid goes to Malaga. Olympiakos will host Brose Baskets, who beat them in the first game.

Group C
Lietuvos Rytas — Fener.Ulker 75-81
Fenerbahce Ulker recovered from road defeat against Cholet last week and managed to beat Lietuvos Rytas in Vilnius 75-81. With this victory, Fener jumped to 5-1 sharing the first place in Group C with Montepaschi. Lietuvos Rytas dropped to 1-5 and their chances to reach Top16 drastically decreased. Roko-Leni Ukic (195-G-84) stepped up for the Turkish champion with 24 points (5 of 7 for 3-pts). Oguz Savas (208-C-87) secured a great help adding 16 pts and 5 rebounds. In the loosing squad, Martynas Gecevicius (193-G-88) scored 16 points. Cemal Nalga (213-C-87, agency: Beo Basket) added 14 points and 8 rebounds, and Sarunas Jasikevicius (192-G-76, college: Maryland) collected 12 points and 8 assists.
Third quarter was the crucial one in this game. Before that, Fenerbahce Ulker took 13-18 lead in the first ten minutes and Lietuvos Rytas made 27-23 turn at the beginning of Q2. Visitors tied the score to 34-34 few minutes later and thanks to triple by Roko-Leni Ukic and free throw by Oguz Savas, they went to the HT break holding 36-40. In third period, there was only one team playing on the court and it was Fener. They smashed Rytas with 14-25 in these ten minutes for comfortable 50-65 lead. They jumped to 53-70 at the beginning of the last quarter and the game was already over for Rytas, who didnt give up but simply was not able to mount a comeback.
In the next round, Fenerbahce Ulker will host Cibona. Lietuvos Rytas goes to Siena.

Cholet — Montepaschi 61-70
Montepaschi celebrated valuable 61-70 win in Cholet keeping the first place in Group C with almost perfect 5-1 record. They share it with Fenerbahce Ulker. On the other side, Cholet ended its three game winning streak and slipped to 3-3. Ksistof Lavrinovic (210-C-79) (210-C-79) shined for the guests with 23 points and 8 rebounds (valuation 36). Bo Lester McCalebb (183-G-85, college: New Orleans) added 14 points and 5 assists. In Cholet, Antywane Robinson (203-F-84, agency: Priority Sports, college: Temple) collected 15 points and 9 rebounds, and Sammy Mejia (198-G-83, college: De Paul) had 14 pts and 7 rebs.
Everything started good for Cholet, who had 18-14 lead after ten minutes. They still were in control in Q2 jumping to 26-19 after basket by Antywane Robinson. Visitors called a timeout and they improved after that. Ksistof Lavrinovic and his teammates made 9-14 for rest of the time in Q2 closing the gap to 35-33, HT. Cholet opened the second half strongly and they grabbed 45-39 after four minutes, but Montepaschi players didnt panic and they tied the score to 45-45 soon after that. Marquis scored low to keep Cholet ahead, but Michelori matched him for Siena. Both teams were nervous in the last 2 minutes as the third quarter ended 47-47. Ksistof Lavrinovic and Bo Lester McCalebb exploded in the last quarter and Zisis was great as well. They helped Montepaschi to make nice 8-17 for 55-64 lead with two minutes to go. Cholet was trying to do something, but after miss by Sammy Mejia it was clear whey will not make it.
In the next round, Montepaschi will host Lietuvos Rytas. Cholet goes to Barcelona.

Cibona — Regal Barca 75-94
Expected win for the reigning Euroleague champion, who cruised past Cibona on the road 75-94. With this one Barca jumped to 4-2 in Group C, while Cibona stays the only winless team after six Euroleague rounds. Ricky Rubio (192-G-90) scored 18 points for the guests, while Joe Ingles (203-G/F-87, agency: Priority Sports) and Terence Morris (207-F-79, college: Maryland) added 16 and 15 pts respectively. Bojan Bogdanovic (202-G/F-89) shined in Cibona with 26 points and 6 boards. Leon Radosevic (208-C-90) had 14 pts and 6 rebs.
Regal Barca took control on Cibona from the early beginning. They opened the game with 6-15 and later closed the first quarter with 13-24 lead. Cibona improved after that and won the second period 23-20. After the breather, Cibona came to 39-46 but it was all from them last night. Barca drained 25 points for rest of the period and was 57-71 up with ten minutes to go. Last quarter was just the formality and Barca had no troubles to take the fourth Euroleague win this season. In the next round, Barca will host Cholet. Cibona will take on Fenerbahce Ulker in Istanbul.

Group D
Armani MI — CSKA 71-65
Another loss for the Russian powerhouse. Armani Jeans Milano was too strong for them once again and they made a huge step forward to Euroleague Top 16. In thriller finish, Ibrahim Jaaber (187-G-84, agency: 540 Sports, college: Pennsylvania) drained a triple for the home squad, after what Siskauskas split free throws and Hawkins did not miss from the foul line to make Milano seal a critical win. Jaaber scored 18 points in this meeting, while Stefano Mancinelli (203-F-83) helped with 15 points and 7 boards. Marco Mordente (191-G-79) netted 11 pts. In CSKA, Jamont Gordon (193-G/F-87, college: Mississippi St.) was the leading scorer with 16 points. Dmitry Sokolov (212-C-85, agency: Agency No 10) had 11 points and 5 rebs. AJ Milano jumped to 3-3 in Group D, while CSKA dropped to 1-5.
As mentioned above, question about the winner is resolved in the last ten seconds. Before that, CSKA Moscow made 5-15 lead during the first period and AJ Milano closed it with 6-1 run. Visitors shined at the beginning of Q2 again what resulted with 15-23 lead, but they somehow stopped after that. Ibrahim Jaaber, Melli and Petravicius shined on the other side pacing Milano to 13-0 run. CSKA had been scoreless for more than 4 minutes. Later, Milano finished first half with 31-28 lead. CSKA was struggling with their offensive sets, but they somehow managed to tie the score to 40-40 at the midway of Q3. However, thanks to Stefano Mancinelli the home squad grabbed 48-45 lead after 30 minutes. When CSKA jumped to plus 4 with 3 minutes to go it seemed this is it, Russian giant finally woke up but than Ibrahim Jaaber drained a triple cutting the margin to just one point. In the finish, teams were tied to 64-64 and Milano had the possession. Ibrahim Jaaber set the crowd on fire with a huge three-pointer, good for a 67-64 Milano lead with 10.7 seconds to go. Siska was sent to the line and he missed second FT, after what Hawkis sealed the outcome from the line.
In the next round, CSKA Moscow will host Panathinaikos. AJ Milano goes to Ljubljana.

Panathinaikos — Valencia 69-73
Valencia exploded in the last quarter (12-25) to beat their host Panathinaikos 69-73. That is the second Euroleague win for the Spanish squad this season, while on the other side Greens faced with the second loss. Nando De Colo (202-G-87) scored 14 points for the guests, while Victor Claver (207-F/C-88) and Dusko Savanovic (204-F/C-83, agency: Beo Basket) added 12 points each. For the hosts, Romain Sato (194-G/F-81, college: Xavier) delivered 19 points and Stratos Perperoglou (203-G/F-84) stopped to 11.
As mentioned above, last quarter was the crucial one in this game. Before that, first ten minutes ended with 22-22 tie. PAO jumped to 32-28 at the midway of Q2, but Valencia immediately replied with 0-6 run. For rest of the time in the first half Panathinaikos managed to take back the lead going to the break with 39-37. Calathes scored in their last possession before the breather. PAO took control on Valencia in Q3 what resulted with 57-48 lead for the home squad. Romain Sato closed this period with a triple. Valencia was in trouble but their players didnt give up. They started the last quarter with 0-7 run and later grabbed 61-62 lead. Soon after that, actually with 40 seconds to go, Valencia jumped to 64-66 thanks to baskets by Nando De Colo and Dusko Savanovic. Diamantidis replied with a triple and Cook scored both free throws on the other side. Batiste did the same and Cook was sent to the line once again. He missed one of his attempts and in the next play Panathinaikos hesitated too much being forced to commit a halfcourt violation that put the ball in Valencia's hands with 1.5 seconds to go.
In the next round, Valencia will host Efes Pilsen. PAO will meet CSKA in Moscow.

Efes Pilsen — Union Olimpija 84-78
There is a three-way tie on top of Group D after Efes Pilsen outplayed Union Olimpija 84-78. These two teams, together with Panathinaikos, share the first place with 4-2 record. Lawrence Roberts (205-F/C-82, college: Mississippi St.) came up with 14 points and 8 rebounds for the hosts. Andrew Wisniewski (191-G-81, college: Centenary) scored 13, while Sinan Guler (193-G-83, agency: 1x1 Sports, college: Carroll (MT)) added 11 points and 6 boards. In Union Olimpija, Kenny Gregory (197-G/F-78, college: Kansas) collected 16 points and 6 rebs. Saso Ozbolt (188-G-81, agency: World Sport Agency) (9 as) and Vlado Ilievski (190-G-80, agency: World Sport Agency) stopped to 12 points each.
Efes Pilsen started the game with 7-4 and later grabbed 20-14 lead. Gregory buried a jumper off the dribble but a dunk by Roberts fixed the score at 22-16 after 10 minutes. At the halfway of the second period, Efes jumped to 29-20 but Olimpija replied with 7-15 run for rest of the time in Q2, 36-35 (OT). Visitors continued in the same rhythm after the breather and they moved up to 46-54 late in Q3. Gonlum stepped up with a spin move in the low post and Andrew Wisniewski brought Efes within 52-54 after 30 minutes. The hosts tied the score to 56-56 quickly and thanks to Lawrence Roberts and Andrew Wisniewski, took 64-60 lead later. Sinan Guler lifted them to plus six with a lay-up and Olimpija was in trouble. Ilievski and Nachbar traded three-pointers but free throws by Markota gave Olimpija some hope at 69-65. Roberts and Guler were on fire in the finish securing the win for their team from behind the arc.
In the next round, Efes Pilsen goes to Valencia. Union Olimpija will host Valencia in very important game.