Round 9: Wednesday's games 15  december  2011

Caja Laboral — Nancy 90-55
Caja Laboral made a huge step forward to Top 16 phase. The Vitoria team smashed Nancy 90-55 on Wednesday night for 5-4 record in Group A of the Euroleague regular season. At the other side, the French champion dropped to 3-6 with no chance to reach the next stage. Mirza Teletovic (206-F-85, agency: Beo Basket) top-scored for the winners with 22 points. Brad Oleson (191-G-83, agency: Duran International, college: Alaska-Fairb.) and Fernando San Emeterio (198-F/G-84) (5 rebs) followed him with 14 and 13 points respectively. In Nancy, Kenny Gregory (197-G/F-78, college: Kansas) was better than the others with 15 points and 5 rebs. Abdel Kader Sylla (205-C-90) scored 10 points and was the last one with double-digits in this loss. Caja Laboral took control on Nancy from the very beginning and never looked back. Quarters: 22-11, 20-10, 29-9, 19-25. In the last round of the regular season, Caja Laboral goes to Bilbao. Nancy will host Olympiakos.

Caja Laboral: Mirza Teletovic 22, Brad Oleson 14, Fernando San Emeterio 13+5 boards
Nancy: Kenny Gregory 15+5 boards, Abdel Kader Sylla 10


CSKA — Panathinaikos 91-75
CSKA Moscow handed another loss to Panathinaikos in the Euroleague regular season. The Russian powerhouse celebrated 91-75 win for 9-0 record in Group B. CSKA already secured the first place in this pool. The reigning Euroleague champion slipped to 6-3 and will finish as No.2. Nenad Krstic (213-C-83, agency: INVICTUS Sports Group) dominated in the paint collecting 17 points and 12 rebounds (valuation 31). Viktor Khryapa (204-F/G-82) (7 rebs) and Alexey Shved (5 as) helped the home squad with 16 points each. In PAO, Ian Vougioukas (212-C/F-85, college: St.Louis) shined with 17 points. Steven Smith (203-F-83, college: La Salle) had 11 and Nick Calathes (198-G-89, college: Florida) stopped to 9 pts in this meeting. CSKA made crucial 14-0 run at the beginning of the second half and later touched plus 17 during the last period. Quarters: 26-24, 21-25, 28-14, 16-12. Next week, CSKA will go to Malaga. PAO waits Brose Baskets.

CSKA: Nenad Krstic 17+12 boards, Viktor Khryapa 16+7 boards, Alexey Shved 16+5 as
PAO: Ian Vougioukas 17, Steven Smith 11, Nick Calathes 9

KK Zagreb CO — Unicaja 67-82
Unicaja booked a spot for the Euroleague Top 16. The Spanish squad handed 67-82 home loss to Zagreb in crucial game, which was played on Wednesday night. Zagreb dropped to 2-7 in this pool. Unicaja took control on their host in the second and third period, what was enough for them to secure a victory. Unicaja even reached 18-point lead with 3 minutes remaining in the game. Joel Freeland (208-F-87) and Luka Zoric (211-C/F-84) stepped up for the guests with 17 and 16 points respectively. Each of them grabbed 8 rebounds in this meeting. Berni Rodriguez (197-F/G-80, agency: Court Side) helped with 11 points. In Zagreb, Krunoslav Simon (197-F-85) shined with 16 points and 7 rebs. Joshua Heytvelt (211-F-86, college: Gonzaga) (5 rebs) and Damir Rancic (199-G-83) scored 12 and 9 pts. Quarters: 22-20, 17-25, 13-20, 15-17. Unicaja waits CSKA in the next round, while Zagreb goes to Kaunas.

Zagreb: Krunoslav Simon 16+7 boards, Joshua Heytvelt 12+5 boards, Damir Rancic 9
Unicaja: Joel Freeland 17+8 boards, Luka Zoric 16+8 boards, Berni Rodriguez 11


Real Madrid — Partizan 101-83
Real Madrid jumped to 7-2 record in Group C and secured the first place in this pool with one round to go in the Euroleague regular season. Visitors faced with the second straight loss and slipped to 4-5 record. However, Partizan still has a nice chance to reach the Top 16. They need to beat Emporio Armani Milano next weekend in Belgrade, or even to loose with less than 4 points. Jaycee Carroll (188-PG-83, agency: Priority Sports) had 22 points for Real Madrid and Nikola Mirotic (209-F/C-91) added 21 points, 8 rebounds. Mirotic was the MVP of this meeting with valuation 30. Felipe Reyes (203-F/C-80) added 15 points and 7 rebs. In Partizan, Milan Macvan (206-C-89, agency: INVICTUS Sports Group) top-scored with 16 points and Vladimir Lucic (202-F-89, agency: Beo Basket) had 13. Rasko Katic (208-C-80, agency: Beo Basket) added 12 points. Real Madrid made plus 15 until the halftime, having no troubles to keep their lead for rest of the way. Quarters: 27-15, 25-22, 24-19, 25-27. Real Madrid will meet Anadolu Efes in Istanbul next week. As mentioned above, Partizan waits Milano.

Real Madrid: Jaycee Carroll 22, Nikola Mirotic 21+8 boards, Felipe Reyes 15+7 boards
Partizan: Milan Macvan 16, Vladimir Lucic 13, Rasko Katic 12

Emporio Armani — Charleroi 88-53
Emporio Armani demonstrated its power on Wednesday evening. The Milano team blasted Charleroi with huge 88-53 improving to 3-6 record in Group C. It means that Milano still has a chance to reach Top 16 and they will have to beat Partizan next week. The Italians need at least five point win in Belgrade. At the other side, Charleroi closes the standings in this pool with 2-7. Leon Radosevic (208-C-90) netted 17 points for the winners, Malik Hairston (198-G-87, college: Oregon) had 15 and Ioannis Bourousis (212-C-83, agency: FCM) helped with 12 points, plus 13 rebounds. Drew Nicholas (191-G-81, college: Maryland) (6 as) also scored 12 pts in this meeting. In Charleroi, Andre Riddick (208-C-73, college: Kentucky) (5 rebs) and Jiri Welsch (201-F-80) delivered 12 points each. Amaury Jadin (189-G-86) stopped to one less. Quarters: 23-18, 25-12, 17-16, 23-7. As mentioned above, Milano will play in Belgrade next week, while Charleroi will host Maccabi Electra.

Emporio Armani: Leon Radosevic 17, Malik Hairston 15, Ioannis Bourousis 12+13 boards, Drew Nicholas 12+6 as
Charleroi: Andre Riddick 12+5 boards, Jiri Welsch 12, Amaury Jadin 11


Galatasaray — Union Olimpija 80-59

Galatasaray booked a spot for Top 16 in their debut Euroleague season. The Turkish squad had no troubles to beat Union Olimpija on Wednesday night 80-59 for 4-5 record in Group D. Slovenians close the standings in this pool with 1-8. Jaka Lakovic (186-G-78) led the scorers in victory with 16 points. Luksa Andric (210-C-85, agency: Beo Basket) and Furkan Aldemir (207-F-91, agency: Beo Basket) added 11 points and 5 rebounds each. Lakovic and Aldemir reached valuation 21, but Aldemir did it for only 18 minutes on the court. Visitors got 21 points and 7 boards from Deon Thompson (203-F-88, college: N.Carolina). Robert Rothbart (217-C-86) had 18 points and 7 rebs, while Erjon Kastrati (197-F/G-94) scored 7 pts. Third period was the crucial one in this meeting as Galatasaray made 20-9 for those ten minutes and later increased its lead even more. Quarters: 18-16, 21-19, 20-9, 21-15. Galatasaray goes to Barcelona next week. Olimpija will host another Euroleague newcomer who already advanced to Top 16 — Unics.

Galatasaray: Deon Thompson 21+7 boards, Robert Rothbart 18+7 boards, Erjon Kastrati 7
Union Olimpija: Jaka Lakovic 16, Luksa Andric 11+5 boards, Furkan Aldemir 11+5 boards