Petr Sudek – the head referee operator of VTB United League 8  november  2011
Well-known in the past Slovakian referee Petr Sudek became the head referee operator of VTB United League. Sudek will be responsible for referee contacts of the League with international organizations and national basketball federations, will monitor the quality of referees’ work, and will regularly work as an expert on matches.
— VTB United League – is an international project, and we've always wanted to see representatives of different countries, famous figures of European basketball in our office, — said CEO of VTB United League Andrey Shirokov. – This kind of person is Peter Sudek – a famous referee in the past, a real professional in refereeing. It's not a secret that one of the main objectives of the League today is integration into European club competitions. And Sudek will help us as he has a great experience and good contacts with international basketball organizations — in particular, with Euroleague and FIBA. In addition, it is important that Sudek has excellent command of two main languages of the League — Russian and English.

— For me as former referee – 20 years on international level, this offer is a challenge, — said the main referee specialist of VTB United League Petr Sudek. — I would like with my experience support referees and take part on their improvement in favour to this great project, named VTB United League. This is an opportunity for me to share my experience from my active times and also use everything I know from my activities as national and international instructor as well. We would like to cooperate with other experts, that officiating of such important competition will have high standard and credibility. In the end I would like to thanks leaders of VTB United League for this opportunity, as it is said: «one League, one language».

Petr was born on January 17, 1960 in Prague.
His Referee career began in 1978. He became FIBA referee in 1990. Among major tournaments he officiated two Olympic Games -2000 and 2008, man and women World Championship-1998 and 2006, a number of European Championships, «Final four» of Euroleague-2004 and 2005.
And other tournaments in America, Asia, Africa, and Arabic Championships. Plus he took part on international camps for referees in Japan, Poland, Switzerland.
Petr finished his career in 2010, after that he worked as referees’ instructor on youth summer tournaments for FIBA Europe. And he was also working as referees’ supervisor in World Championship women — 2010 and U19 man World Championship-2011.
At present he is working as national instructor in Slovakia and also referees observer in ULEB (since 2010).