One Team Khimki brightens students' days! 4  december  2014
This season, Khimki Moscow Region has marked the second year of running their One Team programme in generous style. On November 25, the team's One Team Ambassador, guard Petteri Koponen, visited a nearby school bearing gifts for the children who participate in One Team.
Khimki's youth assistant coach Miron Lebedev has been holding regular One Team sessions for the 12-year-olds at the school since 2013. These sessions are incorporated into regular physical education lessons for the pupils in order to safeguard the One Team sessions' attendance and enhance the zest and diversity of standard physical education lessons. This practice has proved a great success since the club received applications from other local schools to introduce such sessions at their own physical education lessons.

Khimki has managed to give the little participants an even more extraordinary experience at their latest One Team session. Peteri Koponen presented to the kids a set of customized training tops with the One Team and Khimki logos along with 10 brand new Spalding balls, which were kindly provided specifically for this event by the Spalding company, Khimki's partner since the inception of One Team there in 2013. The excitement exploded, however, when the ambassador invited the class to the Khimki game vs. Union Olimpija Ljubljana that week and personally gave each pupil a ticket.

"I accepted the role of the One Team Khimki ambassador as I understand the importance of the community work that the club has been doing," Koponen said. "Unfortunately, I can only do it on occasion due to my tight schedule. But whenever I get the opportunity to get together with the kids and give them the positivity that basketball can bring, I am always happy to take it!"

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