Valencia Basket joins Euroleague Basketball's One Team 21  february  2014
Valencia Basket has decided to become a part of One Team, the corporate social responsibility program led by Euroleague Basketball.
Valencia Basket, in collaboration with the ANAR Foundation, which serves at-risk children and adolescents, will work starting February 24 to apply the One Team training program with the aim of preventing the social exclusion of groups of young people in the city of Valencia.

Valencia Basket's project with seek to achieve a positive social impact on the participating youths through the transmission of values such as effort, teamwork, the will to overcome, hope, consistency and respect.

One Team Workshop in Valencia, 2014

"Valencia Basket is a recognized brand for the values that it transmits through acts that extend beyond the basketball court," Paco Raga, CEO of Valencia Basket, said. "We want to be one of the clubs that boost One Team and that form part of the family of European clubs that are working to spark positive changes in our society. The union between basketball and social development is a strong combination that I am sure will inspire very good values in our youth." "This is a great opportunity to bring aboard One Team a team that has already internalized the mission of our programme," Isabel Gultresa, Euroleague Basketball's One Team Director, said. "One Team uses the power of basketball to achieve integration in our communities. Often, the success of these programmes depends upon the involvement and passion of the people behind it, and both Valencia Basket and the ANAR Foundation have made available to One Team a group of professionals with whom we are sure to reach very positive benefits."