Anthony Gill, Khimki: I want to make sure that I make people smile 12  september  2018

Among the most exciting and successful rookies in the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague last season was Anthony Gill of Khimki Moscow Region, who proved vitally important to his team making its first playoffs appearance ever. But Gill's first EuroLeague season was also about finding a second home at Khimki. Having lost teammate and friend Tyler Honeycutt to tragedy this summer, Gill has returned to Russia intent on helping those around him as much as he can. To that end, Gill is already hosting what he intends to be weekly local events for people in need in the Khimki community. He will blog about those events and his team's progress this season on!
A lot of times, athletes forget that we are a big influence on the people around us. I think we have to do a better job of talking to kids, giving back to them and letting them know that there are people out there who care for them. Last year, I went to orphanages here in Khimki and close to the city. I liked it a lot and knew that I wanted to do something for kids again. I reached out to Khimki and the club's organization because I knew they were doing good things in the community. They found these kids who are going through a lot of problems at home, so I wanted to be with them for a bit of their time and be able to make them smile, let them know that people care for them.

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