Russian Championship. The first home victory16 october 2007

The first “home” match BC Khimki played against Spartak from Saint-Petersburg. Yellow-blue players headed by Kestutis Kemzura thrashed the opoonent — 97-67 (25-11, 27-20, 22-14, 23-22). The next match BC Khimki will play at Kazan against UNICS on 20th of October.

Top scorers: Ewing (16), McCarty (15), Veremeenko (11).

Nikita Shabalkin got rehabilitated and Kemzura listed him in entry form. The Khimki starting five was: Ewing, Fridzon, McCarty, Wilkinson, Lampe. By the 14th minute the gap became 20 points. After the dunk of Ewing the score was 52-28. Spartak called a minute and after it tried to show resistance. The guests tried to run under the backboard. The answer of BC Khimki was the zone play in the defense and the quick attack. The match was very spectacular. Especially Ewing amazed the fans by the non-standart actions.

In the last period Savkov and Shabalkin for the first time got into the playground. And they scored the points. Unfortunately, only 3 points BC Khimki failed for scoring 100.

Kestutis Kemzura, the BC Khimki head coach:
— We prepared well for this match. And as a result, we dictated all the game. We had some recession during the game because we wanted to give playing time to all players and sometimes our guys wanted to act showy. But the main is to score points.

What can you say about performance of three European Champions – Shabalkin, Morgunov, Ponkrashov?

— Shabalkin joined our team after our returning from Surgut. Before it he worked out on one’s own. Today he got well into the game and will lay it on. Morgunov played with verve. He understands well his role in team. The opponents with big center are to come. Ponkrashov makes progress. The only his problem is emotion. He is young player with inherent youthful enthusiasm. But he is a man, who has a goal and he will reach it. We should help him.