Russian Championship. BC Khimki — CSK VVS-Samara — 79-5913 december 2008

In Russian Championship BC Khimki played against team CSK VVS-Samara. The victory of Moscow Region team wasn't beyond any doubts, despite of struggle in first quater. BC Khimki won — 79-59 (18-18, 23-18, 24-8, 14-15). Next match in Russian Championship our team will play next year and on 16th of December will be staged the fourth game in Eurocup. BC Khimki against Besiktas.

After good performance in Turkey, the BC Khimki center Jerome Moiso again got to the playground from the beginning. The starting five was: Palacio, Fridzon, McCarty, Garbajosa and Moiso. At first quarter was the stubborn struggle. But after getting to the court Mike Wilkinson BC Khimki started to outplay the opponent under backboards.

In second quarter the advantage of home team became visible. BC Khimki coach’s staff received the possibility to give time on the court to all players from entry list. Before the long break the score is 41-36 in favor of BC Khimki.

The third quarter started by Delfino’s solo. His teammates played very carefully in defense and the opponent couldn’t score more than 4 minutes. In this period there were no doubts about the winner. And Moscow Region team pushed to be spectacular.