Promo Cup VTB. BC Khimki — Dynamo — 67-6121 december 2008

In the semi-final of the Promo Cup of the united league VTB Region club met with the Moscow Dynamo. First half striking differed from the second one. But the reserve, which BC Khimki made to the big interruption, was sufficient to us for the final victory — 67-61 (17-9, 27-16, 11-23, 12-13). On Monday in the final game the trophy will dispute BC Khimki and the CSKA (match will begin on 20:30).

Sergio Scariolo, BC Khimki head coach:
— The first half of match was excellent. And in third period we stopped to play aggressively in attack and defense. It was the main reason of our slump. We are not in scintillating physical form, and every day we try to improve it. Our team should be aggressive, shooting and running. We had problems today with the rotation, that’s why it was difficult to keep up furious pace. At second half of match because of leg pain Jorge Garbajosa couldn’t get to the court. At least, I am satisfied with the game, we have done a great job in defense.