Russian Championship. Final. CSKA won the first round 22 may 2008

The first match of finals series BC Khimki played away. Although it BC Khimki fans guaranteed the loud support: the big army of fans came to Moscow. But our team couldn’t win the first day of confrontation — 76-97 (18-33, 23-22, 15-18, 20-24). The second game will stage today, in CSKA court.
Top scorers: Tucker (15), Burke (14), Veremeenko (13).

Aleksey Savkov got rehabilitated and was listed with the team. But BC Khimki has many losses: Wilkinson and Rannikko are injured yet and Ewing and Shabalkin are disqualified after the semifinals. The starting line was: Ponkrashov, Tucker, McCarty, Veremeenko, Lampe.

BC Khimki fans prepared for this much the banner «One step to gold!». But the score is opened by CSKA. The first period was unsuccessful for BC Khimki. Unfortunately, the beginning of match determined the course of play.

Kestutis Kemzura, the BC Khimki head coach:

— We risked and started to play zone in the defense. We lost the struggle under backboard. We will correct our errors and will fight tomorrow.