Russian Championship. Final. We won the silver!26 may 2008

The third match of finals series was very stubborn. BC Khimki players struggled against the Euroleague champion – CSKA with great desire and persistence. But our team failed to win — 78-88 (17-22, 15-12, 19-24, 27-30). As a result of the season, BC Khimki won the silver medals of Russian Championship.
Top scorers: Lampe (21), McCarty (18), Ponkrashov (14), Fridzon (13).

In comparison with matches in Moscow in BC Khimki entry list were Nikita Shabalkin and Mike Wilkinson. The starting line was: Ponkrashov, Fridzon, McCarty, Lampe, Burke. First Khimki points were scored by Macej Lampe.

BC Khimki started to play zone in the defense. CSKA took the lead 6-12, but our players rebounded well and kept the score close. After short break Lampe and Tucker cut the lead, and then after two 3-pointers BC Khimki took the lead — 29-28. But after it, the run of luck went against our team.

The second part of match was an interchange of 3-pointers. CSKA took the lead again. BC Khimki tried to win back, but the opponent was very strong.

Kestutis Kemzura, the BC Khimki coach:

— I congratulate the team CSKA with the victory of Russian Championship. I regret only that we didn’t win one match. I and my players are maximalists, we are always tuned to the victory. We fought to the finish, but our opponent is a great tea, the winner of Euroleague.

I think this season was not bad. We played in 3 competitions and win one trophy. During the season we faced the problems, mainly the injuries. But we coped with the problems.

I want to thank our fans. It is very pleasantly to see the sold-out stadium. Fans, we play for you!