Russian Championship. Persistent victory in Kazan 1 november 2008

During the first day of November the competitors of the medals of Russian championship scraped swords. In Kazan UNICS assumed “Khimki”. Match came out more than persistent. Only into the final minutes of duel for Regional team it was possible to incline the cup of weights to its side — 75-69 (25-16, 14-26, 19-16, 17-13). Sequential match, to the Russian Cup, “Khimki” will be on-road in Lyuberty, where in the week they will play with “Triumph”.

Top scorers: McCarty (17), Lampe (16), Garbajosa (13), Ponkrashov (10).

Mike Wilkinson for the first time this season was listed with team, getting rehabilitated after injury. First five was: Palacio, Fridzon, McCarty, Garbajosa, Lampe. Jorge opened the score. After this “bomb” started the boom of points. During 2,5 minutes two teams scored 15 points. BC Khimki took the lead – 20-13.

But home team didn’t want render the white flag and leveled the score. During third period it was the tense struggle, both teams kept the score close. The result was determined only at the end of the match, when both head coaches asked for a tactic minutes. And Kestutis Kemzura solved with a problem better.

Kestutis Kemzura, the BC Khimki head coach:
— No one coach can say that he is completely satisfied by the game. Always there are some components, which you want to improve. But I am glad that we won away over strong opponent.
During the match we fought not only against the opponents but our shortcomings. And we managed to remedy deficiencies. We played good at the beginning and at the end of the match. But is more important – that we attained our objective.