VTB United League. Tsmoki-Minsk vs. BC Khimki11 october 2014

BC Khimki without any problems defeated BC Tsmoki-Minsk in Minsk – 108-82 (30-17, 30-18, 21-19, 27-28). The next game our team will play at home on Wednesday, October 15, 2014 with VEF-Riga (Latvia). Tip-off is at 19.30 msk.

BC Khimki: Popovic (15 + 7 assists + 2 rebounds), Lauvergne (15 + 6 rebounds), Koponen (15 + 4 assists + 4 rebounds), Rice (12 + 6 assists + 3 rebounds), Honeycutt (11 + 10 rebounds + 4 assists), Monya (11 + 6 rebounds + 3 assists + 3 steals), Vyaltsev (10), Pateev (8 + 6 rebounds + 2 blocks), Ilnitsky (8 + 5 rebounds), Sheleketo (3 + 2 rebounds), Zakharov.


Rimas Kurtinaitis, BC Khimki head coach:

— I understand Tsmoki's problems. This was their first official game of the season. We were in a similar situation against Avtodor. Even though we won, we had problems in the first two quarters. Today's game still doesn't say anything. It's clear we had a better selection of players. I'd like to wish Minsk good luck. The season is going to be long and they're going to have opportunities to win.

Andrei Krivonos, Tsmoki-Minsk head coach:

— We were in a good shape entering this game. But we didn't get the players to do what we asked. Why? Of course, part of it's due to this being the first game of the season, plus we were playing a tough opponent. In addition, the roster has changed a lot and a lot of our young players aren't used to this level. They're not used to taking the court to win, rather than just to play. But we're going to work on that. After all, we want to turn our Belarusian players into leaders at the club and national team.