Eurocup. BC Khimki vs. VEF-Riga15 october 2014

In the first Eurocup 2014/2015 regular season (group D) game BC Khimki at home defeated VEF Riga (Latvia) — 94-65 (21-18, 26-10, 24-13, 23-24). The next game our team will also play with VEF on Sunday, October 19, 2014, now in VTB United League. The beginning of the meeting is at 18.00 msk.

BC Khimki: Rice (16 + 5 assists + 3 rebounds), Vyaltsev (14 +4 steals + 3 rebounds), Koponen (12 + 4 assists + 3 rebounds), Popovic (10 + 8 assists + 2 rebounds), Lauvergne (9 + 4 rebounds + 2 blocks), Ilnitsky (8 + 2 rebounds), Honeycutt (7 + 9 rebounds + 4 steals), Davis (7 + 2 assists), Monya (6 + 5 rebounds + 5 assists), Pateev (5 + 5 rebounds), Sheleketo.


Rimas Kurtinaitis, BC Khimki head coach:

— I’m happy that from game to game we are improving and playing better, with energy and pleasure. I think fans appreciate and like this basketball. This season we play fast. We had a good balance of turnovers and assists: 11 vs. 29, so we played as a team and no one pulls the blanket over himself. Paul Davis recovered after a nose injury and did his best as usual. As for VEF, they have young team that plays with energy and great desire, but they fall short of mastery at the moment.

Stanislav Ilnitsky, BC Khimki forward:

— At first we couldn’t find our playing rhythm and didn’t make open shots. But then we went ahead. I think we played a good game, everyone had time on the court.

Nikolajs Mazurs, VEF Riga head coach:

— Congratulations to Khimki on this win. Today [Khimki] showed very smart and good-looking basketball, whereas we didn’t accomplish our tasks. It’s a pity that some of our players didn’t show their usual level, but we will prepare for our next game. We have to work at ourselves, increase the quality of our game. We have a very good and promising team that aims to enter the next stage of the Eurocup and VTB United League.

Kevin Dillard, VEF Riga guard:

— Khimki is a good team, they use a lot of ball movement and make a lot of assists. We will have another game with Khimki on Sunday and have to be ready to play and get out our mind of this result, learn from it, try to come back and be ready as possible. As for us we have a lot of potential. The more we play the better we will be.