VTB United League. BC Khimki vs. Astana14 february 2016

‪‎BC Khimki‬ destroyed Kazakhstan champ BC Astana at VTB United League home game — 128-87 (31-18, 34-23, 26-23, 37-23) with a career-hight night for Egor Vyaltsev as he scored 40 pts (12 triples). The next game our team will play in St Petersburg on Thursday, February 18, 2016 vs. Zenit. The beginning of the meeting is at 19.00 msk.

BC Khimki: Vyaltsev (40 + 4 assists), Dragic (16 + 5 rebounds + 4 assists + 3 steals), Boone (14 + 8 rebounds + 2 blocks), Sheleketo (12 + 3 rebounds), Shved (9 + 5 assists + 4 rebounds + 2 steals + 2 blocks), Ilnitsky (9 + 5 assists + 4 rebounds), Koponen (9 + 3 rebounds + 2 steals), Davis (7 + 3 assists + 2 rebounds + 2 blocks), Monya (6 + 3 assists + 2 rebounds), Augustine (4 + 3 assists + 2 rebounds), Rice (2 + 17 assists).

Post-game quotes

Ramunas Butautas, Astana head coach:

“Congratulations to my colleague Rimas Kurtinaitis and his team on a confident win. They played well today, especially on offense, and they showed us our place. They maintained a high tempo for all 40 minutes. Unfortunately, we couldn't play one-on-one defense and lost the battle under the basket and on the perimeter. I have to talk about Vyaltsev's game. He couldn't be stopped and set several records. On defense, we were miserable. That's the first thing we have to work on. I wish Khimki success in the VTB United League and the Euroleague”.

Rimas Kurtinaitis, BC Khimki head coach:

"I'm happy that we won, but not because we scored a lot, but because of the effort on the court. It was very important to recover our energy and aggressiveness, though I can't say that we were that bad in that element of the game in our previous three losses. Today, I wanted to especially focus on not just winning, but maintaining a lead. We've had trouble with that. Against Astana, we played 40 minutes of disciplined, unselfish, under-control basketball, not just one-on-one. I want to note Vyaltsev's very good game, as well as his teammates' excellent understanding of how he was playing. No one tried to hog the ball. Instead, they realized that Vyaltsev could connect. Rice did a great job. He dished out 17 assists, which is what I want from a point guard. Shved ran the team well. We needed to regain our confidence, which is what today's game provided".