Khimki DYBL: A yearned victory18 april 2007

In the last match of the third day of the final stage of the DYBL Championshp, Khimki faced off against Ural Great from Perm. While the first three quarters of the match were in the hands of the Moscow Region, a battle did ensue in the last quarter, which despite losing, did not inflict any threat to Khimki’s authoritative victory: 75-59 (17-15, 18-10, 22-11, 18-23).

Khimki Coach Oleg REZVY:

— Let’s just say, this victory was planned for. We looked at the opponent’s game from head to toe. We knew they had some fierce “little guys” that were fast and had furious long and short distance shots. However, our perimeter players, today, didn’t allow them to slip by. I want to point out Novikov and Yanetovich, and I would like to see a better game from our “big guys” – too often they couldn’t get a handle on the ball.

Thursday is a day-off for the tournament, how will you spend that time?

— We are going to prepare for the game against CSKA, analyze how that team plays, how RBK was able to beat them. The Muscovites have a good leader, Semen Shashkov. If we clinch this one, we will make an important move towards success. Don’t forget we have played against CSKA fin four games this season, and beat them three times. I hope we will do so on Friday as well.

Top Scorers: Novikov (21) y Yanetovich (16).
Author: Alexei Rybalko