Today: victory over CSKA, tomorrow: going for the gold!20 april 2007

Photographer: Ekaterina Shelestova

In the last match of the day in the final round of the Sixth DYBL Championship games, Khimki’s players beat CSKA: 68-62 (15-9, 24-20, 15-19, 14-14). During the game, the yellow-n-blue fans held up a colorful banner, declaring: “Khimki’s might is evident.” The basketball players indeed did not let down their fans, and in the first seconds of the match Khimki took the lead winning a period: 8-0, leaving their opponent floored. CSKAs players tried to close the gap, but were unable to do so.

Immediately following the game, the Moscow Region Coach Oleg REZVY, shared his thoughts:

— We were sure we were going to win, we prepared very seriously for this game. Yesterday was a holiday and we spent it looking over CSKA games. The task was to cut the team’s leader Semen Shashkov off from the game. Our defense was able to do so. We started the game very well, leading in the first half with a significant advantage. In the third quarter we laid back a bit, but the boys are excellent, and they were able to muster the energy and take the game to its logical conclusion. I want to thank all the basketball players who demonstrated today a true force of will power.

The game tomorrow against RBK is for the gold. What can you say about the opponent?

— They are a young team and with good potential. All their players were born 1990 and later. The main task is to neutralize their leaders. We are going for the gold!

Top Scorers for Khimki: Vyacheslav Zaitsev (17 points) and Vladimir Agababyan (16).
Author: Olga Krylova