Post flight analysis: Anton Ponkrashov and Vitaly Fridzon11 february 2009

The decisive spurt in match against “Panellinios” Khimki players made in last period. The opponent was bowled out, and sometimes didn’t know how to resist the great performance of Moscow Region team, specially in defense and under backboards.
Anton Ponkrashov and Vitaly Fridzon gave their impressions after the match:

— The most important thing is that we played today as a real team. – said Fridzon. – I am very glad that we managed to turn the play around on its head and snatch the victory. We got added evidence that “Panellinios” is a very strong team. Still it is placed third in Greek championship after “Olimpiakos” and “Panathinaikos”. To beat so tough team is nice. Now we have chances to reach “Final Eight”. Everything is in our hands.

On Saturday your opponent will be the Russian Champion – CSKA. What can you say about this game?
— We will fight to the victory. I think all player will do everything for it.

— I agree with Vitaly. – said Ponkrashov. – We showed team play and our opponent wavered. Sometimes Greek player gave us a puzzled look. They didn’t know how to stop us, how to organize the attacks.

What can you say about your performance?
— I got to the court with desire to win and to play with dignity. I felt that I can do my best and sometimes tried take the lead. I am obliged to my partners, they trust to me and created good positions for shooting. In last period all players were well and nobody could stop us.