Cabezas and Lopez officially introduced as Khimki players13 july 2009

Spanish basketball players Carlos Cabezas and Raúl López have been officially introduced today as new Khimki players. Incosol Hotel, in Marbella (Malaga, Spain), has held the press conference and many Spanish journalists have been there to take the first photo of Cabezas and Lopez with their new t-shirt. Both players have been accompanied by their new team general manager, Victor Bychkov, and their new trainer, Sergio Scariolo.

Cabezas and Lopez have recognized that they are “very excited” about this project and about the possibility of working again with coach Scariolo. “We are going to play the best we can to help Khimki winning titles”, said Lopez, who is “very excited with this new project and with the chance of knowing one more country and one more culture”. For his part, Carlos Cabezas has said that he is ready for the challenge: “I will have to concentrate on this challenge to be adapted as soon as possible to all changes, because I have always played in Malaga and this is a new situation for me. Being with Sergio and Raul will be very helpful”.

Cabezas and Lopez (that will also be together in next Eurobasket, with Spanish national team) have confirmed this matter. “If we are together is because we know that we are compatible. Carlos is more a scoring leader and I feel more like an organizer, so it is good for a team having two players like us”, said Raul Lopez. “We are different guards that give different things to the team. If Sergio has signed both is because we can play together, of course”, assured Cabezas.
Both new Khimki players were accompanied by their family and their friends. Now, they will take their last holidays before going, on 30th July, with Spanish national team to prepare the Eurobasket.