Devin Booker: Solidarity is key!27 april 2020

Devin Booker is currently in the USA. He got in touch specifically for our fans to tell them how he spends his time during the coronavirus pandemic.

Devin Booker, Khimki Moscow Region center:

“Wassup up, good people! Devin Booker here just check it in. Hopefully you are guys doing well. Just wanna to give you some quick reminders: stay at home as much as possible, keep your hands clean. Most importantly, stay active. Notice, it's a tough time we are all going through but we are together. Solidarity is key! Think about others before you think about yourself. Yep, let's get it. We fight it together!”.

“To all the Khimki fans! Thank you so much for your tremendous support throughout the whole season. We definitely couldn't have done it without you, guys. Unfortunately, it wasn't the result we wanted in the end, but the circumstances that were unfortunate that we had no control over. We still have EuroLeague to look forward to. No decision has been made yet. But if they do decide to continue the season, better believe, we'll be right there, picking up what we left. Hopefully, things turn over great for us”.
Author: Sergey Khodyachikh