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The new head coach of BC Khimki Sergio Scariolo answered the questions after the first game on this post yesterday.
"It is only my second day in Russia and I cannot give any serious estimates," said the 47-year old Italian specialist. "But it is evident that my players have the will and desire to create a good team. The team that can win everybody."

"I am going to give every player a chance to show himself. That is why all twelve players of the application had opportunity to play and all of them scored points. In my teams the playing time does not depend on nationality or salary. Who works flat out – plays more."

"I need to get maximum information about every single player, to find out what they have in them. According to first training sessions that we have together I have no claims to anybody. Everybody worked with great desire and inspiration."

"[Ettore Messina has already shown to Russian journalists that Italian coaches are most emotional]. Yesterday I tried to be perfectly calm and concentrated, as I did not want to miss a single thing in the actions of my players. But if you saw matches of Unicaja last season (at least seven or eight) you would know that every time I behave differently, the course of the game presupposes my reaction."

"I am not going to visit the match CSKA vs. Real, even though I used to coach Real for several years. At the same time I have a training session with Khimki, and there is nothing more important for me than it now."