Ettore Messina met his Euroleague colleagues 26  june  2013

The annual Euroleague Head Coaches Meeting took place on Monday and Tuesday in Barcelona. A total of 22 head coaches to exchange of information and ideas.
The program was divided into two half-day sessions, which began on Monday with the coaches and the Euroleague Basketball refereeing department discussing issues pertaining to rules, interpretations and points of emphasis in advance of the new season. The coaches saw a video analysis of officiating issues during the just-completed season and a review of the points of emphasis made before it started. They also heard and discussed both rule changes and officiating points of emphasis planned for the new 2013-14 season.

The input of the head coaches into refereeing criteria and points interpretations will be shared with the Euroleague Basketball referees in their annual pre-season clinic in September.

Tuesday's agenda concerned off-court institutional issues and began with a Euroleague Basketball President and CEO Jordi Bertomeu addressing the coaches.

“It has been interesting as always because we see that Euroleague is open to hear coaches’ opinion which is making us feel an important part of this great organization,” Ettore Messina said. “It’s a good way to socialize with the other coaches without feeling the pressure of the games. It is also a good moment to try to implement the new rules which can make the game better, to listen what we can do better to help Euroleague’s improvement.”