Khimki GM: What will happen if a player or coach tests positive? 24  may  2020
Pavel Astakhov thinks it makes more sense to end the current season.
Khimki Moscow general manager Pavel Astakhov discussed the potential resumption of the EuroLeague season, saying that there are two ways he sees the possibility of the competition continuing. He also raised the question of what will happen if a player or coach tests positive for coronavirus.

“There is a twofold situation,” Astakhov said to Izvestia. “On the one hand, the club will have a lot of expenses. This is an additional 5% to the annual salary of players, charters to the venue for the remaining games given that now there are no scheduled flights, as well as accommodation and meals for a delegation of about 30 people for a month. That’s a lot of money. In addition, if the season resumes, the matches will be held without fans. And this isn’t fully professional basketball, given that we always play for our fans.”

On the other hand, we all miss basketball and our team hs a chance to produce top results,” Astakhov added. “Before the suspension of the tournament, we walked in the playoffs zone and a rather convenient schedule was waiting for us. Therefore, it would be interesting to finish the game from a sports point of view. But then again, this is hard to believe. Gather 18 teams in one place, hold the remaining matches of the regular season, then the “Final Eight”. All this is in quarantine when players can’t get in good shape. And suddenly, one of the basketball players or coaches will receive a positive test. What to do then? Interrupt everything and send us home again? In my opinion, it would be more logical to record the results of this season and begin to prepare for the next.”

Astakhov also talked about whether Khimki will compete in EuroLeague in 2019-2020.

“For us, this is an important issue given that Khimki doesn’t have a permanent EuroLeague license. We need to understand whether we stay or not. You can build logical “chains” on the topic, that we should participate in the next draw, but so far there is no official statement from the leadership of EuroLeague — nothing can be planned. Indeed, the club’s budget and, as a result, the signing of new basketball players and the extension of contracts with current leaders depend on the European championship we will play in. So we are waiting for the decision of the EuroLeague which will be announced on May 25.”