Russian Championship. Closed to victory 2 february 2008

During all match BC Khimki played with the champion CSKA as equals. Specialists said that Moscow Region team was not weaker that the opponent. But the result is in favor of CSKA — 64-68 (15-13, 12-22, 19-12, 18-21). However, our guys were deserved the storm of applause of Khimki fans. Next match in Russian Championship BC Khimki will play on 11th of February against “Enisey” Krasnoyarsk.
Top scorers: Ponkrashov (17), Ewing (13), Lampe (9), McCarty (7+11 rebounds)

In entry list of BC Khimki there were not injured Rannikko, Veremenko, Savkov, Dyachok. Instead the newcomer Clay Tucker was in a roster. The starting line differed from usual: Ewing, Fridzon, McCarty, Lampe. Burke.

Unexpected for the opponent was three-pointer of Pat Burke at the beginning of the game. But the opponent gained the initiative – 9-11.

Khimki defended well and our team succeeded to win first period — 15-13. After the break Khimki continued to play aggressively and the lead was 9 points in favor of yellow-blue team. Right now CSKA scored 3-pointers three times in a row. Kemzura called a minute. But the advance of CSKA continued. After the second period the score was 27-35 in favor of champion.

To the second part of match Khimki players got to the court very concentrated and cut the lead to 3 points. Lampe was active but because of 3 fouls he went off the court to the bench. Ewing made the score in favor of his team — 44-42. After the third period the score was 46-47.

In last period CSKA assumed the offensive and the advantage of home team was 9 points. Out gueas didn’t surrender at discretion. With 0.25 the score was 64-65. Fridzon received the 5 foul and was substituted by newcomer Tucker. On last attack Ewing missed a score….