Russian Championship. The Moscow Region battle15 february 2008

The second round of Moscow Region’s clubs passed in Lybertsy in Friday. BC Khimki is visiting BC Triumph. More than 300 fans followed the yellow-blue team. The fiery support of fans helped our team to win — 65-64 (14-8, 15-24, 16-19, 20-13). On Monday the delegation of BC Khimki will go to Germany, to play in ULEB Cup against “Köln 99ers”.
Top scorers: McCarty (12+10 rebounds), Tucker (12), Lampe (8 +7 rebounds), Ponkrashov (8), Ewing (8+5 assists).

Vladimir Dyachok got rehabilitated after the injury and was entered in the list with the team. The staring line was: Ewing, Fridzon, McCarty, Lampe and Burke.

Big Lampe and Burke had the preference under the boards. Just they scored first points in our team. The first quarter was in favor of Khimki – 14-8. Triumph gave chase and cut the lead very quick. 17-19 and Kemzura called a minute. But before the long break Khimki couldn’t take the lead. 29-32 and 15 minutes of relaxation.

After the long break Khimki continued to play attentively in the defense but in the offense they had problems. They couldn’t score, on the contrary Triumph was luck. The situation became complicated. The lead of Lybertsy team increased to 12 points. The third period ended with the result – 45-51.

Khimki players braced themselves and organized the concentrated attack. With 3.09 the score was 61-62. Head coaches one after another called a time-out. The nervous end of the match!64-64 with 1.42 and Ewing made one free-shot. The victory of BC Khimki!