Russian Cup. We are the champions! 7 february 2008

BC Khimki won the Russian Cup 2007/2008! Inthe final our team beat CSKA — 85-67 (14-19, 21-18, 23-8, 27-22). It is the first throphy in history of BC Khimki. Next are The Russian Championship and ULEB Cup!
Top scorers: Lampe (23+13 rebounds), Ewing (18), McCarty (16+11 rebounds), Ponkrashov (16).

The starting line was Ewing, Fridzon, McCarty, Wilkinson, Lampe. In 40 seconds Burke substituted Wilkinson. The score was opened by Pashutin. BC Khimki answered by shooting Fridzon and Ewing. Besides it, Burke was good in the fight against Andersen, But CSKA built a lead — 7-13 with 2.46 before the first break.

The second period began with the offense of CSKA and the lead of the opponent increased 16-26. But after the time-out Khimki started to defend better, and Ponkrashov and Lampe headed the attack of yellow-blue team. But before the long break they didn’t success to level the score — 35-37 .

In the second half of match the situation changed. BC Khimki won convincingly the third period and 23-8. CSKA seemed to be confused. BC Khimki had all the play and increased the lead to 10 points 53-43.

In last period Lampe and McCarty made double-doubles (more than 10 points and rebounds). The lead of Moscow region team became 21 points!!!The trashing of CSKA!
BC Khimki won the Russian CUP!

Best guard — Anton Ponkrashov
Best pinpoint forward — Kelly McCarty
MVP — Macej Lampe