PBL. Enisey vs. BC Khimki12 october 2010

In the final match of the first round of the first PBL Championship BC Khimki played in Krasnoyarsk with the local team Enisey. Having seized the advantage of 10 points in the 1st quarter, the yellow-blue confidently scored a victory – 77-68 (19-10, 15-22, 23-15, 20-21). On Sunday, October 17, within the bounds of VTB United League BC Khimki will play a difficult game on the road with Kaunas Zalgiris.

Best scorers: Langford (13), Fridzon (12 + 8 rebounds + 3 assists), Planinic (12 + 5 assists), Savrasenko (10), Kelati (9), Monya (7 + 12 rebounds + 2 blocked shots), Eze (6 + 6 rebounds + 3 blocked shots)

The starting lineup of BC Khimki was: Planinic, Fridzon, Langford, Monya, and Savrasenko. First points to the yellow-blue brought our captain Vitaly Fridzon. Monya and Savrasenko played well under the hoop. In the three-second zone in defense Monya actively helped Fridzon, and then Kelati went to the court.

In the first quarter Enisey players furiously searched for happiness near the three-point arc, but in vain. The same situation was in the second quarter as well. Fridzon and Monya desperately struggled in the three-second zone (14 rebounds for two in the first half). Now they were actively helped by Langford, who forced his opponents to foul and almost without fail punched penalty. The beep told that the third quarter would start with the score 34-32 in favour of BC Khimki.

In the beginning of the third period the score became equaled. Planinic took the lead in the attack. His five points marked a new advantage of the yellow-blue "+3". Monya and Savrasenko continued working well under the hoop. Kelati came off the bench and scored the next two points. With the precise attacks of Planinic Savrasenko twice closed Zoran’s assists. Then Planinic scored himself, was the first on the rebounds and twice "robbed" a rival. The status quo was restored – 54-42 for 1:49 before the end of the third quarter.

At the beginning of the final period, Lopez scored three-pointer and Eze was zealous in the three-second zone, as well as gained points from the free-throws. Monya and Planinic scored from the middle distance – 68-54 and 4:13 to the final beep. The efforts of Planinic, Langford and Fridzon allowed the yellow-blue to complete the game confidently – 77-68.

Sergio Scariolo, head coach of BC Khimki:

— It was a typical game for the start of the season. Quite a difficult match in which the rivals did not always know what to do, there were a lot of hasty actions. Our team was more skillful and maybe we played a little better in defense. Hence there is a result. Attack is always built on defense. What the opponent opposes in defense, so we will attack. Today we have been allowed to pass under the hoop, and we used it. Eze was one of the key figures in the match: largely due to his work in defense we could have a good second half. Now the team continues finding mutual understanding.