Daniel is universal and high-speed player24 july 2007

Photographer: Various

The BC Khimki head coach is in the homeland, but in spite of being on leave he doesn’t get away from basketball. Kestutis KEMZURA is up on the news and receives it not only from the Media. After the examination of the Daniel Ewing video and files, the coach not once has communicated with his new wander ship.

— We need such many-sides player in the defense. He is young, a strong sportsman with the highspeed. Daniel can play a shooting guard as well as a playmaker.

-We know Ewing is a good shooter. The percentage of attempted 3 points during his career in the University can prove it. By the way this characteristic was one of important factors why we had selected him. The Duke Coach is well-known in a basketball world as a good specialist and made Ewing one of the primary players. This fact tells volumes. He is very conversable and wants to prove himself in the Europe. He thinks highly of our club.

Besides last year he played against BC Khimki and visited the Basketball Center where he gave a master class…
— Of course there is a big deference: to play for the NBA club against Khimki and to join our club. But he gained some insight on his new team and the Centre.

Has the fact that he hasn’t a playing in Europe experience caused an anxiety?
— We take chances every time when we sign a contract with the new player. There is a risk for a club and for a player who has to alter his way of living. We can make mistake. But we tried to preclude such possibility. We have enough information about Ewing: about his style of playing and what kind of person he is. I think he will adapt to our team and we will help him.

Ewing has received not only sports awards but he was named the Athlete of the year in the University…
— This fact confirms my impression on Daniel. He is very serious guy and very good athlete. I hope he will handle with teammates easily and we appreciate each other.
Author: Dmitry Evdokimov