Vitaly Fridzon: The Blatt training system isn’t new for me31 july 2007

The first, Moscow round of the preparation of National team for the European Championship comes to the end. One of the last practices was open for the journalists. But it wasn’t an easy work but a really grueling training. Vitaly FRIDZON told how he feels in the National team and what is it: to work in a heavy schedule, 4 hours of practices every day.

— Two hours in the morning we work with the training simulators. In the evening also two hours we are on the basketball court. If I hadn’t been called to the National team headed by Blatt, I would know his training system very well.


— We hardly can wonder that people who were working together not a one year have similar methods and training system. The BC Khimki coach Kestutis Kemzura had worked with David Blatt for a long time. Of course there are some differences, but the basis regulations are almost similar. Even the four hours of practices every day I can sustain without any problems.

For you it is easier that others?

— Probably. Because I have practiced six moths according the similar system.

After the first round of preparation how do you think has our team a chance to advance to Olympic Games? Even through the qualifying round.

— We shouldn’t think ahead. But I am sure, we have good chances. We shouldn’t forget that the players who will determine our game, Kirilenko, Holden, Khryapa, didn’t come yet. I think they will join our team without problems.

Every evening practice passes in the playground?

-Yes. In the morning we train in the weight room and in the evening we work at the team, combination interaction and coordination.

What happened to Vladimir Dyachok?

— During the first practice Volodya understood that he had some problems with his leg. The checkup registered the relapse of the chronic injury of the ankle. He seems not to continue the trainings with the National team and will start the preparation for the new season. He hopes to get absolutely rehabilitated.