Kondrashin-Belov Cup: BC Khimki is the winner! 1 october 2007

Vladimir Kondrashin and Alexander Belov are the great persons in basketball world. And to win the Cup of their memory is prestigious. The BC Khimki opponents were Spartak Spb, Zalgiris Kaunas, Prokom Sopot. In the final match Khimki beat Zalgiris — 92-68 (21-16, 26-15, 16-25, 29-12).
Top scorers: Lampe (29), McCarty (17), Ewing (14), Ponkrashov (8), Fridzon (7).

The BC Khimki head coach decided to change the starting line. Today the first five was: Fridzon, Wilkinson, Morgunov, McCarty and Ewing.
The choice of the coach is clear: in the roster of Zalgiris there are two “big” players — Zukauskas and Beard. Another aim was to guard the famous in Europe Marcus Brown.
But the threat came not from him. First minutes were marked by the duel – Maciulis and Ewing. BC Khimki “big” guys neutralized the Zakgiris centers.
Kemzura experimented with the roster: three “little” players Ponkrashov, Rannikki and Ewing got on the basketball court. But this move achieved no success. Zalgiris closed the gap to 2 points: 23-21. Then the two head coaches called time-out. The breaks were more useful for Moscow Region club. After it, BC Khimki increased the lead – 35-25.
The coach of Zalgiris put into the action the giant – Zukauskas. But this evening there was one king under the basket – Macej Lampe. In the third period he had 18 points to his credit.
Only in fourth period Marcus Brown “woke up” and scored a three-pointer. But the BC Khimki had all the play. The final score was 92-68.
The guard of BC Khimki Anton Ponkrashov was named the MVP of the tournament!

Kestutis Kemzura, the BC Khimki head coach:
-We are very happy to win this prestigious tournament. It is pleasantly for us to beat the Euroleague participants. We coped with the tasks this evening. We stopped the key players – Brown, Popovic…We played quite good at the defense. And I am glad that we started the season with the great victory!

Macej Lampe, the BC Khimki center:
— I am happy. This victory will enliven us. I feel myself more comfortable confident. The coach Kemzura warned us about Marcus Brown and others stronger players. And we succeeded in neutralizing him. We have good relations in team. And you can see it at the playground. We are ready for fighting for the victory in Russian Championship and ULEB Cup.