Victor Bychkov is at his 60 1 august 2009

All friends, colleagues, BC KHIMKI staff congratulate heartily BC KHIMKI General Director Mr. VIctor Bychkov with his 60th anniversary!
Upon this grand day we wish you kindly and sincerely our best regards! Your deep knowledge and devotion to basketball, your ability to deal with people skilfully lead only to new heights of professionalism. We wish you new successes at work, to court further this game we all love most -basketball -as well as strong health, happiness to you and to all you love!
Many congratulations have come to the club this day...

Russian Basketball Federation President, Fiba-Europe vice-president Sergey Chernov

Dear Victor!

Russian Basketball Federation and I personally congratulate you heartily with 60th anniversary. You are the good workman, devoted to Russian basketball and native BC Khimki, which success is closely related to your hard work, love to basketball and team.

We wish you good luck, wellness, new success in your work for the Russian basketball good!

Sergio Scariolo, BC Khimki and Spanish National team head coach

Hello,Victor! I would like to be with you and all Khimki family to celebrate your Jubilee,but as you know I can't:nevertheless,like we have been in touch during the all summer,I will be there with my hearth!

For sure you will receive nice gifts for your birthday,but I have a different idea,and I want YOU to make a gift to all people who appreciate and love you:take care of your health,we need you in perfect conditions for the new,exciting season we have in front,and you are too important to all of us:so please,make a committment for the new year to give priority not only to your work,but also to your personal wellness!!!

Happy birthday!

BC Khimki captain Kelly McCarty

On behalf of the players of BC Khimki we would like to wish a Happy 60th Birthday to Victor Bychkov. May you have many many more and also we wish you great health to you and your family ! Thank you for caring team and each player individually. Happy 60th birthday!

Alexei Vatutin, BC CSKA President

Dear Victor!

BC CSKA congratulates you sincerely with your 60th Anniversary! In this year your club did a great thing, by getting a right -for the very first time in its history -to take part in Euroleague. From everyone -players, coaches, staff -it requires extra efforts, energy and mastery to apply!
Am sure you have had enough such qualities to reach new heights!

We appreciate the light sparkling way you communicate -and how fruitfully our clubs cooperate. I wish you strong health, patience, joy and victories! Hope your players will bring to you many worthy presents in this anniversary season of yours!

BC DYNAMO President, Olympic Champion Eugene Gomel'sky

I congratulate you heartily, dear Victor, with your "junior" anniversary! You're a professional of high standards, who devoted all life to basketball!
By deeds and by words you have proved you're a real specialist whom it is a pleasure to talk to and to deal with!

Please, remain at the post at least for 40 years more, still active and skilful, reaching new professional heights!

Maxim Astanin, Men's Super League Head

With all my soul I congratulate you with 60th Anniversary! It is a real Pleasure not only to work with you as BC KHIMKI General Director, but also to talk to high basketball pro who's got knowledge in depth.

I wish you sincerely strong health, big family happiness (reliable home front being 70% of success!), sports luck, new pro heights and grand victories in all deeds!

Olympic Champion Alexander Boloshev

Anniversary is a remarkable date and high day for any man. We all know you as good man and high pro! And now -despite all difficulties the whole world's facing, not least basketball world -you are at your best! You were and are able to unite people around you -whether players, coaches, staff -to make their eyes shine, to lead all to new victories. And result itself is telling: in this anniversary year you lead your club to Euroleague!

Happy Birthday to you, health, happiness, luck and victories wherever you play!