BC Khimki started to prepare for the new season26 august 2009

Khimki players resumed the training sessions. In absence of Sergio Scariolo his assistants of Oleg Meleschenko, newcomer Andrija Gavrilovic and Mikhail Soloviev head the team. In their disposal there are some players of first team: Sergey Toporov, Fedor Dmitriev, Igor Smygin, Petr Gubanov, Vyacheslav Zaytsev and a group of players from youth team.

-We will stay in Khimki till 26 of September, — said Andrija Gavrilovic. – Next week Keith Langford and Paulius Jankunas will join us. And on 26 of September we will go to Spain for training camp, where the team will get together headed by Sergio Scariolo. In Spain we will play some friendly matches. On 6th of October we will start in tournament on Cyprus. On 10th of October we will come back to Khimki, and on 15th of October the season will start by the away match against BC Donetsk in VTB United League.

-My first impressions from BC Khimki are excellent, -said with smile the newcomer Fedor Dmitriev. – The friendly atmosphere, experienced coach’s staff, the comfortable basket hall. But I think tomorrow I will be in no mood for laughter, after first practice the pain will be in body.

— I have just clear aims – to increase as a player – said the other newcomer Sergey Toporov. – This is the reason of choosing BC Khimki. And of course, now I have a possibility to win tournaments with my new team.