Post flight analysis: Kelly McCarty 4 march 2009

The BC Khimki captain showed in match against “Maroussi” the brilliant basketball. He became the top scorer, he scored 31 points and his performance index raiting was 35. The Maroussi head coach spoke favorably of Kelly and admitted that nobody from his team could stop the BC Khimki captain.

-We started this game well, and created the lead in first period, — said Kelly McCarty. – It allowed us not to think about goal difference. We tried to carry out coach’s instructions and to be careful in defense.

This match seems to be the best for you and your team this season?
— Yes, it seems to be truth. I scored many points, but because of good assists of my partners. They have done everything for me. Having understood this match importance, we got to the court very focused. We played well in defense and made few mistakes. It was excellent match from every side. But I hope best our match is in the future.

How did you prepare for this game?
— I can not say we watched more than usually matches of opponent. But coach asked to be attentive to details, which would be very decisive in the match. We knew how would they play, what strategy would choose. The task was not to permit them to play as planned, to be focused on steals and under backboards.

BC Khimki reached the Final Eight without Lampe and Delfino. Aren't you aware that the balance will be upset after their return?
— We need Maciej and Carlos. They are brilliant players and real professionals. But we try to watch the positive side. Mozgov, Varda, Fridzon have the possibility to improve. We are waiting for most important matches in season. And Maciej and Carlos will make our team stronger.