Dislocation — Izmir!25 august 2010

On Saturday, August 28, in four Turkish cities FIBA World Championship 2010 starts. National team of Russia holds its games in group C in Ankara. In Izmir the representation of BC Khimki is more numerous: Sergio Scariolo, Raul Lopez from Spain's national team and... the BC Khimki support function, which received a special invitation from the organizers.

— We started training in June, — the support function leader Elena Solodovnikova and a coach Tatyana Stankevich say. — In the second half of July we were able to relax a bit, but in August we had been working on a very intensive schedule — three hours a day, six days a week. We restored the old rates and prepared special arrangements for the World Cup. In total, it turned out that in Turkey we are going with more than 50 dances.

Shortly before our departure, the organizers notified us about the site we are to work. As already mentioned, according to the rules, we could not be in one group with National team of Russia. It is now clear that we are going to Izmir, where the National team of Spain will play. It will be pleasant to support Sergio Scariolo and Raul Lopez. Although, of course, in our sympathies we should not have any priorities. We will try to give a holiday to all members of the group D. We have prepared a good representation: we have choosen the music that is popular in this country.

In addition, in the beginning of August the organizers sent us the official World Cup song. And right up to our departure we have been developing this number. We also have new costumes, which will allow us to combine them with Khimki dresses and the colors of the national teams.