Benjamin Eze has left BC Khimki20 january 2011

Today the contract between a Nigerian center Benjamin Eze and BC Khimki has been cancelled by mutual agreement. BC Khimki General Manager Victor Bychkov has commented upon this decision.

Victor Bychkov:

— Before the start of the season we've done really hard work, selecting a center. From the very outset, Benjamin Eze was a priority for us. We didn't hide our joy when we had managed to sign a 3-year-contract with him. But it is so often happening in sports that something is going wrong. We believed with time eventually the situation would change and our partnership with Eze would be successful for both sides. However the club's expectations did not come true, and the player didn't feel comfortable within the team. Therefore, when there was an interesting offer from Olimpia Milano alongside with our failure of entering Euroleague TOP-16 Ben conceived a desire of leaving our club. At the same time, our team believes that only those players who go all out and even "die" at the court deserve being a part of BC Khimki. Eventually it was decided to meet the wishes of the player and cancel the contract by mutual agreement. We wish Ben best wishes in his new club!