Lubomir Kotleba: Everything is splendid in Khimki24 september 2008

The second day of referee’s seminar work was marked by the address of FIBA Sports Director Lubomir Kotleba to participants.
Lubomir Kotleba gave a lecture about new trends of refereeing development because of changes of rules by FIBA. After the seminar Kotleba gave the interview to Media representatives.

How can you estimate the level of referee’s preparation in Russia?
— Seven-eight years ago clubs in Russia started to move forward. Our task is consisting in raising the level of refereeing. For many stronger teams we need more skilled referees. I see that Russian Basketball Federation understands the problem and does everything for referees to self-improve. I am sure that some years later we will see some referees from Russia in Euroleague.

What changes in rules were adopted during the FIBA executive committee?
-I am the secretary of commission which proposed to FIBA executive committee the changes in rules. Mikhail Davydov is the representative of this organization in Russia. This year there are some changes inessentials,but in 2010 the line of 3-pointers will move for 30 cm. This innovation will change the tactics of teams.

How important are these seminars?
-There are necessary. In each country, In Spain, Italy or Albania referees get together for learning a lot of new and important things.

What can you say about the organization the seminar in Khimki?
— Everything is splendid. In Basketball Center in Khimki there are all conditions for holding a seminar: the equipment, hall and others. Best referees came to Khimki and everybody gave good references to Khimki.