FIBA World Championship 2010. Russian national team shared seventh place11 september 2010

In a play-off match for the seventh place the Russians in a bitter struggle defeated the team of Slovenia – 83-78. The best scorers of our team were Mozgov, Fridzon and Monya. Also on Saturday it became known the participants of the FIBA World Championship 2010 final match – national teams of USA and Turkey.

Slovenia vs. Russia – 78-83 (23:21, 14:9, 22:22, 19:31)

Russia: Mozgov (19), Fridzon (18), Monya (13), Zhukanenko (12), Ponkrashov (10), Voronov (9), Bykov (2), Khvostov, Vorontsevich.


USA vs. Lithuania – 89-74
Serbia vs. Turkey – 82-83

12.09, Sunday

Match for the 5th place
Spain vs. Argentina 16:00 Moscow time

Match for the 3rd place
Serbia vs. Lithuania 20:00 Moscow time

USA vs. Turkey 22:30 Moscow time