Alexander Boloshev memorial tournament. Day 212 september 2010

On the second day of the tournament BC Khimki met with young players from Samara. By organizing spurt in the final quarter, yellow-blue scored victory in this challenging match – 75-68. Tomorrow, our players will meet with peers from Moscow school Gloria.

– First matchday results led some people astray, – BC Khimki coach Dmitry Volokhov said. – The audience thought if Samara players were defeated by CSKA so greatly, and we confidently won Dynamo, so in this match Khimki would not have problems. We knew that Samara is a very strong team. The problem is that the guys played in a big hall for the first time, and therefore did not gain a lot of their points. Now they have adapted to new conditions and you will see how they will play further.

The struggle in our match was a point in the point. But we have a stronger reserve bench. This is the trump we used in the last minutes. My players were more fresh and precipitously fled to fast breaks. This element is already our major weapon. During an excruciating ending it proved deadly. Moreover, we carefully acted in defense.

Second matchday results:

CSKA – Timiryazevskaya – 63-60
Dynamo – Gloria – 53-81
BC Khimki – Samara – 75-68

BC Khimki best scorers: Lobarev (14 + 3 assists + 4 steals), transfer 4 interception), Smolyaninov (10), Karpenko (9 + 11 rebounds + 5 steals + 7 block shots).

After two matchdays standings:

1. BC Khimki – 2 wins, 182-117
2. CSKA – 2 wins, 125-106
3. Timiryazevskaya – 1 win, 147-110
4. Gloria – 1 win, 128-140
5. Dynamo – 0 wins, 102-188
6. Samara – 0 wins, 114-137

13.09.2010, Monday

13.00-14.30 Samara – Timiryazevskaya
15.00-16.30 Dynamo – CSKA
17.00-18.30 Khimki – Gloria

Admission is free.